How to Encourage Children to Play Outside More

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By Fiona Greyson,

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Nowadays, with the development of technologies more and more children spend a lot of their free time stuck at home, in front of the computer or the TV. Modern children simply seem to have forgotten the outside world that can be a great place for exploring, which provides them with thousands of options for fun and games. Respectively, it becomes more and more difficult to convince children to go outside and to enjoy themselves without using their gadgets such as iPhone or iPod, as they have used to checking constantly the social networks or simply to listen to their favourite music or playing the latest games.

Children are also often reluctant to socialize with other children and prefer spending their the days of their vacations indoors. This is why it is pretty normal for you, being a parent, to be wondering what to do in order to deal with the problem that often turns out to lead to unpleasant consequences for children.

We will offer you simple alternatives through which you can try to encourage your children to stay outside longer and to make them motivated to socialize easier with both other children or adults.

Give them a suitable job to do

Often when people are asked to help in some activity outside they quickly refuse, considering the option as too boring. However, if they are convinced that you will count on them, they might change their opinion. A good alternative for some outside activities for your children can be the cleaning of your garden. You can invite all the children from the neighbourhood to take part in the cleaning process and you can even initiate a little competition considering the most devoted ones. This way work and fun can be combined outdoors and children will easily make new acquaintances.
Make sure you provide enough space for their games

When kids play, they love feeling independent, especially when they are at their own territory. If you want them to leave their computers and smartphones at home, and go play outside, you can try doing that by taking them to the park, or by organising them a one-day walk in the nature where they can feel free and undisturbed. Make sure you control them, but leave them more space so that they can invent their own games altogether with other children. It is essential that they are not being followed constantly – this way they will gain confidence and will be eager to initiate their own games without any problem.
Make the outside area of your home more comfortable

If the open area of your home is not appropriate for your kids, make sure you provide all the improvements that will facilitate their games and that will encourage them to leave their comfortable indoor world as quickly as possible. If there is not enough space for them in the garden, you can make some changes there, so that you set up a suitable playing area for them. Clean the space from garbage, if any, or old stuff that could bother their games or book for SpledidCleaners Services to do so. Explain them you have made these improvements especially for them and this will surely make them more interested in the idea of going outside, even for a couple of hours.

These are some ideas, which you can use in order to motivate your children to choose the pleasure of the outside games instead of hiding in your home and taking up their time with the modern video games and social networks. You can really make your children happier by offering them these great possibilities for having more fun and beneficial activities that correspond to their age. You will see how quickly they will start preferring the freshness of the air outside and the opportunities for fun that are awaiting them.

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