Dubai with Kids/Top 10 Places to visit with Kids

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Hi Moms,


I promised that the travel section is going to get very exciting, hence I started penning all my travel experiences. I like to cover all aspects of the best places to visit with kids along with expenses, hotels, food.

Dubai is a land of dreams and everything seems to be perfect in Dubai. It is designed to suit tourists of all ages. Kids will definitely love Dubai. The best place to stay at Dubai will be hotels close to the beach, but they are very expensive, it might hit the Indian travelers. We stayed at Doubletree Hilton Dubai which was located opposite to the Mall of Emirates. The location was convenient and great. The hotel had an inbuilt kitchen so it was perfect for our family. I was not really happy with the staff but we like the rooms and the food.



Food for your kids

Every second person in Dubai is Indian I guess, so there is no issues of finding Indian Food. All malls have an Indian stall. Kids will find their most popular brands like KFC and Mc Donalds everywhere. We visited a Kerala restaurant called Mota Fish which was great.


If you have toddlers, a stroller is a must. Dubai is extremely huge you need to walk everywhere. The malls are like oceans and the airport is extremely huge. You find strollers at airports(free) and cars for kids at malls which cost around 20-40 Dirham.

How to Save Money

Choose a hotel opposite or next to a metro station. Metros are extremely convenient, they are connected to all the tourist locations. Our hotel was just a few miles away but it was difficult to walk the distance with a child, so we always had to take a taxi to and from the station which costed a lot.

The food portions are really huge and I assume most of you dont eat such large portions, good idea would be to pack half the food and eat it in your hotel. Shop for food and chocolates at big supermarkets in the malls. You get great offers and most of it is One buy one free.

Top 10 places you can visit with kids

Dubai has a lot more, but my list is based on what the kids will enjoy.

Ski Dubai

Its unique and the world s largest indoor skiing place. Your kids will enjoy, but toddlers will feel cold and would want to get out in no time.


Dolphin show and Creek park

The dolphin show is great, but its nothing compared to the shows in Bangkok and Singapore. Creek park is a lot of fun, its a huge park and there are camel rides too, so we didnt miss the desert safari.


Dubai beach

The beach is clean and has very less waves, the kids can enjoy making sand castles. There are events happening at the beach so the kids can even participate. Make sure you dont go during the winter months, its extremely cold.


Atlantis Palm Aquaventure

Its a fun water part where your kids will enjoy. We took a monorail to the place which gave us a view of the palm islands. You can skip the monorail as I felt it was a waste of money for a 5 mins ride.


Global Village

I love learning about countries and cultures. So I had to visit the global village. They have pavilions from all over the world with dance performances and sale of their unique produce. Its a must visit during the shopping festival. They have moving cars if you dont have a stroller. You can also try different food from across the globe, I tried Turkish baked potatoes and it was awesome.

Dont forget to buy, Yemen Honey, Saffron from Iran, Turkish delight from turkey, Nuts from Afgan, Toys from Japan, Argan oil from Morocco. There is a lot more, just helping you with some pointers.




Its an indoor theme park in the mall of Dubai. Kids can have role play sessions, they can enact the roles of doctors, pilots or any profession they like.

Al-Ain Zoo at Al-Ain

Its a 2 hours drive from Dubai. Its exciting for kids who have not visited a zoo before. The night safari is quite good.

Ferrari World

This is the dream place for every boy. Its two hours from Dubai. Its the world largest indoor theme park with variety of rides.

Dubai Miracle Gardens

Its a beautiful garden with variety of flowers and greenery. You will not believe you are in between a desert. Kids would love to run around and see butterflies and enjoy in the play area.

Fountains at Dubai Mall

This sums up for Dubai’s grandeur. The Burj Khalifa and the musical fountains are a sight worth experiencing.


Please do enough research before going on the desert safari with kids. We skipped it because it was very cold. Make sure you inform the driver well in advance to avoid dune bashing.

Kids may not like walking in the malls as they are too huge, if you can leave them back with your partner it may help you a bit.

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  1. Mary Brown says:

    Oh! what an awesome insight. I was planning to travel to dubai with my kids and this article will certainly help me to plan better.

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