Don’t Let Rainy Season Spoil the Mood of Your Little Ones

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By, Mrs Jyoti Kumar, Founder, Twinkling Star, a role model child care

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Thinking of varieties of fun activities  to keep your child happy and busy requires a lot of creativity and ideation. With Monsoon knocking our doors  it is a good idea to be ready with some indoor fun activities that you can quickly set up for your kids to remain indoor but enjoy the outdoor feeling. This will really lift the spirit of your child and they will enjoy playing indoor while the rain is pouring outside.   Here are few ideas to keep toddlers busy

  • Kids favorite “Get Messy” – As kids cannot go out and play in sand during rainy season, set up a scenario that is like playing in a sand pit; let them play in the bath tub or big plastic bathing tub with shaving cream, bathtub paints, and bath crayons. And as paint with finger-paints might be hard to clean up, let your kids paint with chocolate and vanilla pudding cups. Yummy!

  • Go Camping – Build a tent in your living room out of bed sheets and chairs or get a tent. Don’t forget to bring the flashlights, snacks, and books. Give them papers so that the kids can make boats. Give them a tub filled with some water and plastic fishes so that they can do fishing and play with the boat.

  • It’s Show time – Set up couches, bean bags or pillows in the living room, turn off the lights, home make  popcorn , shakes, fruit chaats, and put on movies like Frozen, Cindrella, Rapunzel, Toy story etc. Hmmm……so exciting.

  • Fun & Learn – Pull out old magazines and catalogs. Give them a topic and let your kids find pictures of animals, food, babies, or cars. Give them sSafety sScissors (creative ones) , Stickers and glue sticks to make collages.

  • Understanding Family: – Improve your child’s memory and help them remember who’s who in your family tree with the photo game. Take out print outs of family members/ friends and ask your kids to make a tree for family/ friends.

  • Creative Creations – Give your kids the craft supplies and ask them to create cards for family members or their friends or anyone. Assist them so that they do not hit a hurdle and loose interest. . Let them decide as to  whom they would like to give the card  to

  • Last but not the least- Be around with kids and become part of the indoor fun activity with an outdoor feeling. You will enjoy and the kids will be thrilled.

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Jaishri is an IT professional and the founder of mommyswall. She is a mom of a lovely 4 year old and lives in Bangalore. She is also a certified Yoga instructor and believes in Natural living.
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  1. Liked the idea of family tree game for understanding family. Most of us are away from family and kids get to see their grandparents, uncles , aunts and cousins very rarely. This family tree game is a fun way to make them understand who is who and how everyone is related.

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