DIY Projects: Organize with Magnets

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By Fiona Greyson,

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It’s sometimes difficult to cover every cranny, nook and drawer in your house when doing the chores. Usually cleaning focuses on the most common areas and many parts stay unattended. It is a good idea to find time to organise all the things and here in this article we give tips to organizing with magnets.

At first the idea seems a little redundant and lame, but after giving some thought to it, it begins to sound appealing. We have shown a few organising solutions involving magnets. What else can you do with magnets? See below.


A good way to keep your knives organised and away from children is to place a magnetic strip in your kitchen. Choose a place which your children and pets will not be able to reach. Be sure to pick strong magnets or your knives will keep falling.


Make a special makeup magnet board. You’re going to need small circular magnets. Buy some from the store. You also need hot glue and a metal tray. Using the hot glue, stick the magnets to the makeup containers. Wait for the glue to dry. Then place the magnets on the tray. You can have every eyeshadow in its own place, which will make it easy for you to find the products you need when applying makeup. Isn’t it great?

This is a funny and clever way to organise your makeup.


If you have tons of jewelry and you often drop them on the floor while searching the one you need, it’s time to organise them. All the bangles and bracelets can be easily organised with magnets. Use a metal tray. Stick several small magnets on it and hang your jewelry. Not only will it help you find your bracelets faster, it will also add a beautiful look to the room.


Your spice containers can be more organised by adding magnets. Use strong magnets. Using glue, attach magnets on the bottom of the containers, then stick them to a magnet tray or a sheet of steel. Online shops offer special spice racks, so if you are not a fan of DIY, you can buy one of these and organise your spices.

What are these spice racks like? There usually are about six aluminum canisters that come with the package. They are placed on a magnetic strip very tightly. The lids of the canisters are transparent so that you can easily see the contents. The rack is about 20 inches long. It is mounted to a door or wall. The package comes with a variety of spice labels. This is a great idea for organising your spices and it also looks great.

Cleaning tools

Some cleaning tools can be hung on the wall. This will free some space in your kitchen. Shiny Cleaning N6 advise you to can hang gloves, microfiber cloths, rags and brushes. So, when you clean your home, part of your cleaning kit will be within easy reach. You can even add wet wipes. If you spill some wine, juice or coffee on the hard floor or tiles, your can quickly grab a wipe and clean the surface before somebody steps on it helping spread the stain.

Pen holders

If you have one too many pens, pencils and erasers and they always take up so much space on your desk, hang them on the wall using magnets. Mount a sheet of metal to the wall. Attach strong magnets to a few containers and stick them to the sheet of metal. Then add all your pencils and pens.

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