DIY Homemade Coconut Oil/ Step by Step Tutorial

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Hi Moms,

Few years back, I used to dread eating anything containing coconut oil. I had read somewhere that it is harmful to the heart. But now theories prove that it is actually good for the heart as it is metabolized differently as compared to other fats. It helps in regulating hormones in women and is great for weightloss. 1 tsp of coconut oil daily wont make you hungry. And when you have a baby its best to keep a bottle of coconut oil around.

It is a good massage oil and the purest form will not cause tanning. You can use it as a hair oil and even on scratches, burns or insect bites. I will do a separate post on benefits of coconut oil. But you need to like our facebook page for regular updates.

Since I use a lot of coconut oil, I decided to make my own. Its not as difficult as you would imagine. One coconut will yield around 20 ml of oil. Its very economical when compared to organic coconut oil brands, please dont compare it to the commercial brands. Im so surprised how they can supply so much for such a low price. So if your using coconut oil for your babies I suggest you make it at home or try organic brands like forest essentials or organic india.

You can use fresh or dried coconut. I used coconut that was a little old so it was partially dry.

Step 1- Cut small pieces of coconut with a knife and grind it in a mixer. Add some warm water while your grinding.


Step 2- Remove this paste into a vessel and add another cup of hot water ans let it stand for an hour.


Step 3- Strain this mixture so that you get coconut milk. Put it in the fridge overnight or 8-9 hours (not freezer)


Step 4- Now you will easily see two layers, the top layer with the thick cream and the bottom layer with water.

Step 5- Remove the cream with a spoon and put this in a pan and start hetaing on low flame. Stir once in a while. In 20-30 mins  you can see clear oil separating from the cream. Keep heating till most of the oil is extracted.


Step 6- Slowly tilt the pan and remove all the oil.

<see image above>

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  1. Mary says:

    Thanks so much for this recipe. It’s very helpful.

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