DIY- Desi Ghee/Clarified Butter from Milk Cream and Butter (2 recipes)

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Today Im feeling really happy after I made ghee/clarified butter from scratch. Ghee can be found in every household especially with a baby or kids. Its a safe fat and you need to make sure your kids eat at-least 1 tsp ghee per day. Its extremely useful for pregnant women and also for moms. Ghee can be used on the skin and hair too. There is a misconception that you gain weight eating ghee, off course you gain weight if you overeat, but 1 tsp a day is essential, even Kareena Kapoor includes 1 tsp ghee in her diet.

Here are some uses of Ghee:

- Ghee has conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which is a fatty acid which prevents cancer, good for the arteries and also helps diabetics.
- It aids digestions and helps in weightloss if one tsp is eaten a day.
- Its very good for deep frying as it has a high heating point.
- It has Vitamin A, D and antioxidants.
- It has antiviral and antibacterial properties so helps kids build immunity.
- It can be used on rashes and skin irritations. You can use once in a while to massage your baby. Basically it has multiple purposes like coconut oil.

Adulteration in ghee

Its really sad that ghee can be easily adulterated with vanaspathy or hydrogenated vegetable fat and also with animal fats. Its best to make your ghee at home. The easier method would be to make it from butter. But if you have the time and patience you should make pure ghee from scratch out of fresh cream. It is definitely a task, but you should try it once at-least to know how our ancestors discovered this amazing ghee. And the cream which you would throw away will be of so much use.

Method 1- Making Ghee from Butter


We used 1kg butter. Its very simple add butter in a big vessel and let it boil on a slow flame.

You will find the butter bubbling.

As the bubbles clear you will find milk solids bubbling in clear liquid. At this stage you can add some methi powder/a small pinch of salt/ a pinch of cardamon. I did not add anything.


Once all the bubbles stop and the milk solids settle down and turn dark brown turn of the flame.

Now filter the ghee and store in bottles. You will get around 500-750 gms  depending on the butter.

This is one of the most simple process, why buy ghee when it can be made from butter.


Method 2- Making Ghee from Milk Cream/Malai

I have made this ghee for demonstration purpose. Its better if you take a nice long bottle for the cream collection. I collected cream only for a week. Best would be to collect the cream over a month.

Step 1- Start collecting the cream that settles on top of milk in a bottle and place it in the freezer (do this for a month). During the 5-6 day add a tsp of yoghurt into the same bottle. Its even better if you add the cream collected on top of yoghurt, this is pure butter.


Step 2- On the day you are planning to make your Ghee, keep the bottle out in the morning. This will melt the cream.

Step 3- After 5 hours, you can start churning your butter. Its best if you have a food processor (not mixer). You need to churn the cream for 1-2 mins, after sometime add some ice cold water and beat again, the butter will form a lump. I dont have a food processor at home, so I used an egg beater to churn the cream. Make sure you use a big bowl.


Step 3- As you churn you will see bubbles forming on the top, these bubbles will solidify and form butter. best idea would be to add ice cold water 2-3 tbsp every 1-2 mins. Slowly collect the butter on the top and also on the sides on the vessel into a bowl. The leftover water is buttermilk which again is nutrient rich, you can add salt and drink.



Step 4- Add this butter to a pan and boil on a very slow flame. The mixture will have a lot of milk solids unlike the ghee made from commercial butter. Let it boil till all the bubbles disappear and the milk solids settle to the bottom. the milk solids has to turn dark brown.





Step 5- Filter the Ghee into a bowl. Your fresh Desi Ghee is ready to use. This is the best form of Ghee and the aroma is just out of this world.



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