The Dangerous Dengue- Dengue Fever Symptoms, Prevention and Cure

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Its really scary to know that a mosquito bite can take someone’s life. Recently a family friends kid had dengue fever and he almost went into comma because his platelet count was dropping. Its so scary especially with a baby. Everyday, I freak out because of mosquitoes.  With all the measures I take still I find 1-2 mosquitoes somewhere.

Brief about dengue:

Dengue fever is caused by mosquito bites, if the mosquito contains the dengue virus. So if the mosquito bites a person infected with dengue and then bites the next person then the fever spreads.

My friends dad who is a doctor told me that these mosquitoes are active during the day so from morning 6 AM to evening 6PM. So watch out carefully during this time.


  • ·         High fever
  • ·         Headache and joint pains
  • ·         Skin rashes
  • ·         Nausea

These are the initial symptoms, later when it gets worse; the person may have severe stomach pain, may vomit blood and have bad rashes.


A blood test will confirm dengue.  Treatment usually involved blood transfusion.
How to prevent dengue:

  • ·         Avoid water stagnation especially clean water. Dengue mosquitoes breed on clean water.
  • ·         With a baby use mosquito nets and sprays, use mosquito patches. I have reviewed on this blog.
  • ·         Get mosquito nets on your windows and use mosquito mats.
  • ·         Keep a mosquito bat handy.
  • ·         Always keep a bottle of eucalyptus and citronella oil with you. Mop your floor with these oils and drop a little around the baby.
  • ·         Pray to God that’s what we can do after all this.

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5 Responses to The Dangerous Dengue- Dengue Fever Symptoms, Prevention and Cure

  1. shreya says:

    Thank u so much…

  2. shreya says:

    My baby is 4 month old now he is nt sleeping in his mosquito bed n i hv heard k all out ya good night on karne s baby wil suffer from asthams in future is that true

    • Jaishri says:

      Hi Shreya use mortein nature guard its made out of citronella oil so its natural. Also mosquitos are attracted to the smell of earwax.. so put a small drop of eucalyptus oil behind his ears.. v v less.. :roll:

  3. reks says:

    This is just the right info we all need at this time of the year .. Thanks Jaish

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