Clipping Baby Nails

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Newborns are so delicate and I totally love their cute fingers and toes. I love playing with them. But baby nails grow very fast, my lil one at 6 months has sharp nails every two days. So we need to trim them every alternate day.
If you don’t cut their nails they will scratch their face and cry. Now my lil one scratches even my face along with hers.

So initially it can be very tricky cutting baby nails as you might hurt your baby, but remember be confident that you wont hurt your baby and move ahead steady hand. So here are some tips:

• Get a nail clipper which has a holder for your index finger so it makes cutting easy.

• Best time to cut nails is after bath and when the baby is asleep.
• If the nails are too short get a nail filer and file the nails. You get emery filers just for babies.
• If you don’t find the time to clip the babies nails use mittens to cover baby’s palms.
• Try to cut the entire nails in one go like cut little by little along the nail till you get the whole curve out in one go.

Clipping toenails is comparatively easy.The nail clipper I use is from safety 1st it’s very good.

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  1. i always have trouble cutting my baby’s nails. my fingers slip from the holder and it makes me scared if i hurt my princess. it’s a useful post i’ll look for some nail clipper like that in the market today. thanks for the post Jaishri :)

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