Why Is Your Child Sucking The Thumb??

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By Varda Agrawal

What a sight it is to see the baby in the womb, sucking his/ her thumb, in the ultrasound!!

sucking thumb fetus

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Some babies continue to suck their thumb even after birth. Some even suck their fingers … or some may also take their whole fist in the mouth.  It may seem very cute at the beginning … but as the child grows, the severity of sucking may increase, which does not look good in public or in general.

At certain stage of their growth we parents try to stop this habit of kids. But before doing so we need to know why these babies take this habit, which in away will help us attain our goal.

Why Do Babies Suck Their Thumb



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  • Comforting & Soothing

It is their way of soothing themselves. The continuous, rhythmic sucking of thumb soothes the baby.

  • Way of Falling sleep

Every baby has its own way of falling a sleep. Some babies suck their thumb to fall a sleep.

Some may wake up in between the sleep, suck the thumb, & again fall asleep.

  • Hunger

It is observed that the babies who are bottle fed commonly suck their thumb. The reason behind it is that the baby drinks feed in the bottle quickly & hence sucks thumb later.

Baby may also suck the thumb, if they are hungry.

  • Miscellaneous

Baby may start sucking thumb when she is tired, scared, bored, and sick, feeling lonely, and facing challenges.


So when you see your baby sucking thumb, look out for the reason behind it. If you know the reason, you will know How To Stop Your Child From Sucking Thumb.


About Varda Agrawal

Varda is a home maker and jewellery designer who lives in Bhopal. She loves blogging and sharing her sweet moments on the blog. She has completed her education in Pharmacy.
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