Chennai Express Movie Review

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chennai express

So ladies how many of you watched Chennai Express? I did yesterday and would like to thank my dear friend Anjjali for suggesting the movie to me.

It’s been long since I watched Hindi movies. I’m more of a documentary and real cinema fan.  I even love short films and world movies. But then I wanted to have some fun.

I wanted a break from the hectic childcare work that I do, so I decided to watch the movie on my laptop after my little one sleeps. I asked my hubby to watch with me and by the time Sharukh boarded Chennai express he had dosed off.

Anyways I really enjoyed the movie, especially the first part in the train. Sad part is that Deepika and some of the guys in the movie could not speak tamil fluently.

But the kkaaas and keeees, yea ask me about it, I’m still figuring out how and where to add gender
 (pu-ling and stree-ling) in Hindi. I think all south Indians face this problem. A typical masala movie, I have seen some glimpses in other Tamil films.

Deepika could have put on a little weight, Tamil girls are not so skinny atleast the village ones. Otherwise her acting was good, SRK in comedy was great, he is full of life.

A no-brainer but makes you laugh and that’s what I needed at the moment. The last bit was dragging.

Nice songs, and “lungi dance” was very funny. I was controlling my laughter during some scenes as my baby would get up.

Do let me know about any other good movie.. I don’t have to mindframe for serious movies now..

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4 Responses to Chennai Express Movie Review

  1. Rekha Menon says:

    totally agree,its a no-brainer, but quite entertaining.
    There was not a single dull moment. Enjoyed it thoroughly

  2. Anjjali says:

    Abhisshek was wondering tht whts making me so laugh in this movie…i guess it was motherly hormones i mean i so needed this break and a hearty laugh!!!!

    M glad u watched it and laughed with it :-)

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