Checklist for Travelling with Kids

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By Varda Agrawal


Just been to a holiday & planning for the next already… Going to the holiday with a toddler is so much fun, I must say … but it is a work of big responsibility especially for the mother & even more if your holiday destination is away from the city… where facilities such as availability of baby food or medical facilities are out of the reach.

Being a mother of a toddler, I can tell you that little babies especially toddlers are very habitual to their daily routine… like body massage, bath, sponging, food, nap and the list goes on.

You may be anywhere they start getting cranky at blink of an eye if their daily schedule is disturbed. To fulfil their needs as per their daily routine… you will need many small & big things and who else will know it best other than the mother herself…. She knows beforehand what her baby may need.

Baby Khush toh mummy khush … n then obviously happy holidays!

From my personal experience these are all the things I needed… to make my little Prince happy & keep him engaged.


According to the weather & your holiday destination chose the clothes. I always keep 2 Pair of clothes per day, one I changed after morning massage, bath/ sponging & second one for evening. Be it a Boy / Girl, you can carry 2 full/ half pants (jeans, cotton pants, dungaree); for girls one skirt, one pant. Because just by changing the tops / tees (carry more), look changes.

For night dress it can be repeated…And One party dress is a must.

Miscellaneous clothes :-

  • Towel ( Bath , Hand , Face)
  • Burp clothes( if needed) , rough clothes
  • Bibs

Seasonal Necessities :-

  • For cold weather:-Sweater, Cap, scarf, socks. Sweaters maybe one full warm jacket, one half jacket, thin jacket, hoody, one for night use.
  • For summer: – you may need cap, hat which must protect the neck area too.
  • For Rainy :- ( I don’t wish to travel in this season though )

Rain coats, umbrella, water resistant shoes

Stroller: – If you can carry this along, it will be a blessing for you.


First time I ever travelled with my baby was when he was around 5 – 6 months; he had just started eating solid food, so I had to carry the following :-.

  • Cerelac/ any other ready to eat mixes ( I kept two flavours & didn’t carry the whole pack , instead refilled the required quantity in airtight container)
  • Infant formula ( I breastfed my baby other times )
  • For boiling water , as I had the facility of electric supply, we carried our small water boiler
  • Spoon Bowl / bottle
  • Few biscuits ( Two variety)

The second time he was around 18 months old and a fussy, choosy, hungry toddler, who needed following stuff:-

  • Favourite nuts, biscuits & other snacks.
  • Home made ladoo and other things he likes
  • Ready to eat snacks ( I carried Roasted wheat flour, moong daal Flour  mixed with custard sugar & cardamom powder to which I added boiling milk when needed)
  • Sipper


I carry, 3 diapers / day, I change in morning, mid afternoon, n night/ as & when needed (potty).

Toiletries :-

  • Tooth Brush, Tooth paste, Tongue cleaner
  • Soap, shampoo
  • Comb , hair elastics
  • Body Massage oil, Hair oil
  • Diaper rash cream , face cream
  • Nail clipper
  • Baby powder/ puff
  • Wet wipes
  • Hand sanitizer

(Note: – Carry travel friendly packs / smallest packs)

Medicines & First Aids:-

Medicines for common ailments like cough, cold, fever, diarrhoea, stomach ache, motion sickness should be carried, after consulting a paediatric.

First Aid like Thermometer, cotton, soframycin, Kailas jeevan , band aids etc.

Some sun burn remedy, for my kiddo I use Kailas jeevan for wounds, sunburn n things.

Things to keep them entertained ;-

According to age, for babies rattles, teethers, ball will do. For toddlers the list is endless (more the less).

  • Favourite toys ( small & light )
  • Ball
  • Balloons
  • Crayons , rough papers

(Tip: – Don’t give all the toys & things all at once give one after the other, when baby gets bored by the first one, give another.)

When travelling I always  pack one small luggage ( exclusively for baby  items ) & one hand bag wherein I keep one set of clothes, 2 diapers, disposable bag , wet wipes , some baby powder, small pack of baby cream , diaper rah cream , comb , one change of clothes for me at least a top & one hand towel, 2 toys, little snacks.

Plan & Be well prepared, then only thing you have to do in your holiday is to sit back & enjoy , play with your kiddo , share some special moments with your hubby in all create sweet & treasurable memories.

Happy Holidays!!!



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