Checklist for your little one’s birthday party

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Lets go through it quickly so you have enough time to organise the party…..

- A list of invitees , write down all the names of the adults and kids/babies

- Now that you know the number of guests, choose the venue. If you are planning at home then identify the space that you will use.You dont want the kids to be running all over the house and jumping on your bed! If you choose an outside venue, then find out what will be provided and make a list of what you need to take along.
There are a number of playcenters/activity areas that provide the space and also arrange the entire party for you based on your requirements.

- Timing ,preferably late mornings or early evenings are the best . Thats when they are energetic and would love to play with other kids.

-Now something for the little tummies , plan a simple menu. Dont tire yourself by spending too much time in the kitchen. Finger foods like chicken/veg nuggets, popcorn, donuts, freshly cut fruits, sandwiches, are my preferred options. Other options like pizza, pasta salad and fruit custard work well for 4year olds and above. Chips and juice or rather aerated drinks are something kids look forward to. I prefer popcorn to chips and Tang to Pepsi.

- Off course how could you forget the CAKE!!

- Decorations , entertainment, You can even hire a tatoo artist!

- Tableware – plates, glasses, napkins etc . If using disposables you can write the name of the child on the glass/plate so that it can be reused during the party.

- If you go with a theme based party as in Barbie for your daughter and Mickey Mouse for your son, then you can match it all right from your cake and decorations to return gifts .

- Children below 5 generally prefer free play so all you need to do is provide them the space. Considering this aspect its sometimes best to choose an outdoor venue or even the clubhouse in your apartment as the cleaning at home post party is the most tiring of all.

- Lastly the thank you and return gifts . Dont just go for something that looks fancy , make sure it is of utility as well.

From the few birthday parties that I have hosted , I learned that kids are mostly looking forward to the playtime with other kids and the goody bag they get to take home. So dont stress yourself on all the planning and organising . The key word here is keep it SIMPLE!

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Rekha is a Marketing Manager based out of Bangalore and is a mommy to two kids. She is a busy mom who loves sharing her experiences with other mommies here. She is the cofounder of mommyswall.
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  1. Jaishri says:

    Great article Reks I love yoy point of writing names on paper cups..
    I have been unwell for sometime so could not write much..
    hows u doing?

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