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A short read on early intervention programmes for Autism

This article titled “Still a long way to go” talks about the programmes designed for children with Autism. I thought it is important to share and spread the knowledge. Published on 25th August 2013 in the magazine section of THE … Continue reading

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Spinach (Palak) Soup for Mommies

Ingredients: Spinach (washed with stems removed) – 2 bunches Milk one glass Red chilly and black pepper Oregano (optional) Salt and water Procedure: Put one glass of milk with 1 cup water on boil and put the washed palak in … Continue reading

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Chennai Express Movie Review

So ladies how many of you watched Chennai Express? I did yesterday and would like to thank my dear friend Anjjali for suggesting the movie to me. It’s been long since I watched Hindi movies. I’m more of a documentary … Continue reading

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Cradle Ceremony

By Jaishri, Cradle ceremony is called Punya dhanam here in the south. It is performed mostly on the 16th day after childbirth. It’s a day when we perform a small Pooja to purify the house. Only after this day is … Continue reading

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Introducing Anjjali Agrawal

  Guys, please welcome Anjjali Agrawal and her cute little 14 month old Aaditya. She would like to share her experiences with her little son on this blog. Im so glad Anjjali, that you are willing to contribute and help … Continue reading

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Introducting Megha

Megha has been very kind to write for this blog. It would be great to know Megha’s point of view on motherhood. Megha welcome to About Megha: I am a dentist by profession. I know I am too young(23 … Continue reading

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My Baby at 5 months

5 months is an exiting phase, now my baby recognises me. Giggles makes sounds, its such a pleasure to see each emotion build up every day. She now turns on her own, and turns around like a clock. When we … Continue reading

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Naming ceremony – Part 1

Naming ceremony or Namkarana as they call it here in Karnataka is a very important event after the child’s birth. A name is one thing which remains with a person for the rest of their life. So a lot of … Continue reading

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Home remedy for cradle cap in babies

Cradle cap occurs due to many reasons; please read wiki for more, I’m not a medical expert so I won’t comment much on this. But they say it occurs because of some leftover hormones in the baby’s body. I also … Continue reading

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How to select the right soap for your baby

As you know there are so many baby soaps and soap washes available in India and abroad. Here in India Johnson’s products have become a home name for baby products. Now slowly Himalaya and Chicco are building their brand names. I … Continue reading

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Pregnancy Experience

  I had a hectic nine months which was one of the toughest times in my life due to my past history of miscarriages. Once you have a negative experience it is very difficult to get back and every step … Continue reading

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How to administer heparin injections

If you have recurrent pregnancy loses heparin injections are prescribed. Heparins are basically blood thinners. I was on enoxaparin (enoxarin) once a day. They are prefilled syringes and are quite expensive too. It can be taken in the legs stomach … Continue reading

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