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The simple Oats …. a healthy breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, to keep your mind and body fit throughout the day. My hubby is so used to having a bowl of oats with milk and nuts every morning as he leaves home … Continue reading

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Belated Happy Birthday Sijy – My Dearest Friend

By Jaishri I dont know how I manage to forget your birthday every year but this year Im sure I have an excuse because Im a mommy. I dont know the difference between day and night, month and year, time and … Continue reading

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The Dangerous Dengue- Dengue Fever Symptoms, Prevention and Cure

Its really scary to know that a mosquito bite can take someone’s life. Recently a family friends kid had dengue fever and he almost went into comma because his platelet count was dropping. Its so scary especially with a baby. … Continue reading

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Journey from being husband wife to parents

    Today I will touch a sensitive topic in this blog: “ Journey from  being husband wife to parents” This is a phase which every couple goes about but might feel shy/uncomfortable to talk about it with the fear … Continue reading

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Red Juicy Beets…How Good is the Beetroot

Do you like eating beetroot? I don’t detest it but would prefer some other veggie if given a choice. Last night,I was supposed to use up the 2 little beets sitting in my vegetable basket for the last 2 days. … Continue reading

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Baby grooming simplified for better health and hygiene

This is all about proper care of your baby that develops into a good routine for them as they grow older. * Nails generally get infested with dirt quickly and small babies can also hurt themselves with overgown nails, so … Continue reading

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A short read on early intervention programmes for Autism

This article titled “Still a long way to go” talks about the programmes designed for children with Autism. I thought it is important to share and spread the knowledge. Published on 25th August 2013 in the magazine section of THE … Continue reading

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Spinach (Palak) Soup for Mommies

Ingredients: Spinach (washed with stems removed) – 2 bunches Milk one glass Red chilly and black pepper Oregano (optional) Salt and water Procedure: Put one glass of milk with 1 cup water on boil and put the washed palak in … Continue reading

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Chennai Express Movie Review

So ladies how many of you watched Chennai Express? I did yesterday and would like to thank my dear friend Anjjali for suggesting the movie to me. It’s been long since I watched Hindi movies. I’m more of a documentary … Continue reading

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Cradle Ceremony

By Jaishri, Cradle ceremony is called Punya dhanam here in the south. It is performed mostly on the 16th day after childbirth. It’s a day when we perform a small Pooja to purify the house. Only after this day is … Continue reading

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Introducing Anjjali Agrawal

  Guys, please welcome Anjjali Agrawal and her cute little 14 month old Aaditya. She would like to share her experiences with her little son on this blog. Im so glad Anjjali, that you are willing to contribute and help … Continue reading

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Introducting Megha

Megha has been very kind to write for this blog. It would be great to know Megha’s point of view on motherhood. Megha welcome to About Megha: I am a dentist by profession. I know I am too young(23 … Continue reading

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