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10 Ways to Cover Your Baby Bump

I know some of you must be wondering why Im doing a post like this. But most of us at some point wanted to cover our bump, Im sure right?  Same happened with me, I did not want anyone at … Continue reading

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4D Scans in India

We had heard a lot about 4 D scans but did not know where it is done. By the time we started consulting at Cloudinine hospital I was in my 27th week, so the doctor told me that’s it’s very … Continue reading

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Home Remedy for Nausea during Pregnancy

Hello all you expecting ladies.. Here are some tips for your nausea: I know how frustrating nausea can be, my friends were waiting to cross 13 weeks. For most people it stops by the 13th week maximum 15 weeks thats … Continue reading

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Babies in the Womb

By Megha, Hello all mommies. Today I would like to tell you how your baby develops in your womb. I would throw some light at what time does the different parts of body formed. Beginning with: End of first month: … Continue reading

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Food Chart for all First Time Expecting Mothers

By Aafreen Mudassir “Wow!! You’re carrying…CONGRATS!! CONGRATS!! CONGRATS!!…B Careful….Take Care of your health…Eat healthy stuffs…….”That’s what everyone started wishing once I spilled out the news that I am pregnant. Loads & Loads of advices poured in but I didn’t know … Continue reading

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Beauty Treatments and Makeup During Pregnancy

  During pregnancy many women freak out using the same products that they used before as they feel that makeup would harm the baby. I was once a big makeup freak before I had my baby. So here are some … Continue reading

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Pregnancy Experience

  I had a hectic nine months which was one of the toughest times in my life due to my past history of miscarriages. Once you have a negative experience it is very difficult to get back and every step … Continue reading

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Gestational diabetes during pregnancy

  I don’t want to write about gestational diabetes here, there is a lot of Wikipedia to read. I can write about my experience with gestational diabetes. How to prevent it: I had a complicated pregnancy and hence was advised … Continue reading

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