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Weight Loss for Mothers

By Jon Reyes, Image Source As a mother, especially a new one, I know it is very tough to find the time to exercise and eat healthy. Between going to work, cooking dinner, and tending to the needs of your … Continue reading

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5 Things You Should Do Before the Baby Arrives

By Diana Smith, Once you’ve entered the second half of your third trimester you’ll probably start to think more about what you need to do prior to the delivery. Organization, cleaning and preparation ‒ three words that perfectly describe what … Continue reading

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Encouraging Celebrity Tips for After-Pregnancy Weight Loss

By- Tracey Clayton  Hollywood moms seem to be losing baby weight easily and quickly, so we can’t help but wonder what is their secret? A big budget and access to best experts and personal trainers certainly play an important role. … Continue reading

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greenmama – Way to Greener Future

By – Varda Agrawal In my free time, (which I get very rarely), there are a few things I like to do to relax, which can be either writing / blogging or reading books. After having a baby, reading is … Continue reading

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Shatavari Kalp – A Tonic for women

By – Varda Agrawal Shatavari is the herb, which is nutritional tonic, for whole family but especially for women. It is the solution for most of the health problems in women. Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus), literally means ‘having 100 Husbands’!! Image … Continue reading

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Review of Biowhitening Freshly Extracted Oils

By Varda Agrawal There is Impact of Ayurveda in each and every aspect of our life & wellbeing, be it Beauty regimen, medicinal therapy, health, Food, Baby Care or Postnatal Mother Care. We Indians somehow or other rely on natural … Continue reading

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What to Pack in Your Hospital Pregnancy Bag

by Varda Agrawal Image Source From the day one of the pregnancy, we await that beautiful day of our life, which will fill our hearts with joy and happiness for the time ahead to come; the moment we will behold … Continue reading

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Communication Skills Program for Moms

In the corporate world, people succeed and are promoted based on how they project their image, and how effectively they can express their ideas. Confidence and Self Esteem are the differentiators that separate the good from average, and the great … Continue reading

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10 Kim Kardasian Maternity Outfits

I know Kim Kardasian can go too far with fashion, but still I love the way she carries herself and how she can tell the world everything she does. Recently she gave birth to her second child, a boy named … Continue reading

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Home Remedies for Eczema and Dry Itchy Skin

Image Source I somehow hate winters as everyone at my place has extremely dry and itchy skin. Worse is skin turning into rashes or eczema. There are some hereditary factors which needs to be treated by the doctors. But if … Continue reading

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Stress Management for Moms

Image Source “Happy moms raise happy kids”, this has been the theme of our blog from day one. If moms are happy and peaceful, the whole house is calm and only she has the power to bring all the turmoil … Continue reading

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8 Health Issues Every Woman Must Be Aware Of

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