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Innovative Solutions For Your Children’s Clutter

By Heather Roberts Is your children’s room constantly cluttered with toys? If that is the case, you need to take some measures and create storage solutions, or else you find yourself in need of constant home clearance. Image Source 

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Natural Mold Cleaning Tips

By- Heather Roberts One of the most important problems you may face in a home is the very persistent mold you can find in humid environments. Mold and mildew can seriously annoying to work on during house cleaning, so you … Continue reading

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DIY Hello Kitty Cupcake Stand and Cloth Napkin using HP Deskjet 4535 All-in-one Printer

Hi Moms, I have been so obsessed with my new HP Deskjet printer and have been constantly trying new experiments with it. I came up with two interesting DIY’s one is a cupcake stand and another is a cloth napkin. … Continue reading

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How to Personalize your Christmas Gifts using HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 4535 Printer

Christmas is a great time to share and remember your loved ones. Every year we visit our friends during Christmas and carry our surprise gifts. We love exchanging gifts and we also make sure that we send some gifts to … Continue reading

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Beautiful DIY Stuff with Pens

By Emma Lawson, No one says that you need a bunch of material when you are making a DIY project. Sometimes just a pen and couple of extra items are more than enough. Not only that you can make beautiful … Continue reading

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DIY- Desi Ghee/Clarified Butter from Milk Cream and Butter (2 recipes)

Today Im feeling really happy after I made ghee/clarified butter from scratch. Ghee can be found in every household especially with a baby or kids. Its a safe fat and you need to make sure your kids eat at-least 1 … Continue reading

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Recipe of Mixed Fruit Jam

Hi Moms, I was so upset with the lead content in Maggi, so I decided to make my own sauces and Jams at home. I want to reduce the intake of processed food. In that attempt I started making my … Continue reading

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Celebrate Mother’s Day with this Love-Filled DIY gift

Dont forget to Subscribe to the MAD Stuff with Rob Youtube Channel. There is nothing more special than gifting your mother a handmade card. But have you ever thought of making a special envelope to go with the card, which will … Continue reading

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Mad Stuff With Rob – Head in a jar

Hi Moms, Im sure your kids are keeping you occupied this Summer. I thought ill share some simple DIY videos with all of you to make your Summer time more fun. Do your kids love POGO and the MAD show … Continue reading

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5 Beauty Treatments That Can Be Done at Home

By Zaini, Hi Moms, Have you ever thought of how much money you spend at the beauty salon? A survey says that an average urban woman spends 700-5000 per month in a beauty salon. No wonder salons and spas are … Continue reading

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DIY: Homemade Moisturizer/Multipurpose Cream for Winter

Updated a better picture from Reks: she washed the ghee 20-25 times and the yellow tint is cause she added a drop of vanilla essense (great idea!!!) This one is very similar to TBS body butter. Many moms have been … Continue reading

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Barbie Themed Birthday using HP Deskjet Ink Advantage Printer

Hi Moms, Im on a printing spree these days, Im sure all of you would have figured it out by now. Since my daughters birthday is round the corner I have been hunting for birthday party supplies and I was … Continue reading

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