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Six Most Recommended Breastfeeding Aids

Hi Mommies, We all know by now that breastfeeding is not a cake walk, and all of us would have faced one or the other issue initially. So today I thought Ill do a post for all the new moms … Continue reading

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Top 5 Kids/Infants Sunscreen Lotions in India and my pick

Img Src Hi Mommas, Have you started hunting for a good sunscreen this summer? No Im not talking about you but your kidos. Im sure you dont want to cancel your holiday because of the sun. It is best to … Continue reading

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Why am I in love with Babyoye?

During pregnancy when it became difficult for me to physically go out and shop, I switched to online shopping, and that is when I bumped into this website, Babyoye. It’s been more than a year now since I have been … Continue reading

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Baby Fall Whats Normal??

Img Src I hate to say this but my LO has fallen off the bed 3 times. Its one of those moments, where you feel so guilty and want to bang your head to the ground. Most of the times … Continue reading

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Checklist for Travel Packing with Baby and Toddlers

Image Source I compiled a detailed checklist before our Goa trip. And believe me it was so useful. Just remember its always better to reduce the amount of clothes that you carry for yourself, gives you a good reason to … Continue reading

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Beach Holiday with a Baby

Hello Dear Readers, Many of you pinged me asking where I was, Thankyou. I was off to Goa on a vacation with my little one. Since I was all nervous because it was her first holiday and first time travel … Continue reading

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Review of Chicco Comfort Quick Ear Thermometer

Im one mother who totally freaks out when my LO has fever. I have to check her temperature often. My pediatrician told me that the best way to check temperature is to place the back of your palm on your … Continue reading

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What not to Say to Miscarriage Survivors and Childless Friends

Recently I was with someone who does not have children and after many years of trying for a baby, she has accepted this fact. But sadly our society never lets people be, the first question they ask married couples is … Continue reading

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All about Pulse Polio

Hello Mommies, Recently I commited a big mistake and I wanted to share it wih all of you so that you never repeat the same mistake. I always assumed that my LO was getting her dose of polio vaccines as … Continue reading

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Baby Ear Piercing and Aftercare

Image Source Hello Mommies, how is your new year going? Recently we pierced by little ones ear and she looks really cute with her danglers. So here are some tips and gyaan on ear-piercing. In India its more of a … Continue reading

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Benefits of Namakatti or Tilak

You will spot these white clay sticks in any religiously house in India that performs pooja. Also a tilak is alworn by religious Hindu people on the forehead. Namakatti or Tilak is clay and has so many medicinal uses and … Continue reading

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Types of Thermometers for Babies and Kids

Hello Mommies, Here is a guide to buying the right thermometer for your little ones, and my experience. Types of thermometers in the market are: Digital thermometers: These are the traditional mercury thermometers that we have been using since ages, … Continue reading

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