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The Dog Who Saved The World by Ross Welford

  By Admin, Ross Welford’s new novel his fourth, The Dog Who Saved the World.I simply loved this book because it is very well written & fun to read as it is like a science fiction and involved dogs !! … Continue reading

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Philips Food Processor Review

  By Admin, A good value, simple and easy to use machine. It has neat storage of attachments inside the main bowl. Helps yo make your dough in less than a minute . V_20190216_113544_vHDR_Auto

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A Mother’s Guide to Baby Food

  By admin, A shout out to the new moms who are ready to take on the responsibility of a newborn soon. While there’s no doubt that you are happy and eager to hold your little one in arms, your … Continue reading

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How To Make Your Kids Eat Healthy

By Jasmine Anderson Being a parent is a tough job on its own. But when you also include our ambitious endeavours to help them become better students, teach them to be good people, to know right from wrong… it starts to … Continue reading

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5 Tips to protect your children and keep the infections at bay

It’s that time of the year again when you can savour those mouth-watering snacks with a piping hot cuppa. Rains remind me of my childhood days when we enjoyed splashing around and playing aimlessly. I love the fresh smell of … Continue reading

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Top Benefits of Online Shopping

The technology has changed the way we shop… in fact the way we live as a whole. Nowadays, more & more people prefer to shop online rather than shopping conventionally… and there is certainly a reason behind it. Online shopping … Continue reading

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How to create healthy eating habits in your child

By Jennifer Horton, Image Source Childhood obesity owes its complex nature to a number of health issues. Encourage your entire family to be involved in developing healthy eating habits if you really want your children to be part of it. Indulging … Continue reading

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PediaSure – Continuing Our Journey – Month 2

It has already been a month of using PediaSure nutrition. I hopped onto this journey of PediaSure for kids because we were having recurring mealtime battles with our toddler. PediaSure also came to the rescue because my son was losing … Continue reading

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Getting Started – Our Journey with PediaSure

By Varda Agrawal, I remember the day my son was born; my doctor placed this little chubby baby in my arms…Oh my little bundle of joy! Our little angel was growing with each passing day;in weight, length and activity. All … Continue reading

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Introducing dry fruits to your kids

  Winters are in their full swing.With the onset of winters, parents try all sorts of means to protect their little ones from the harsh weather conditions. Introducing dry fruits at this point of the year can be truly beneficial … Continue reading

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Be Alert – Read The Labels

By- Varda Agrawal I am a mother of an almost 3 year old little Champ & also expecting another little angel soon… Being a mother adds a whole lot of responsibilities & gives a different perspective towards life. When you … Continue reading

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Easy & Delicious Recipe of Zucchini for Babies Roasted Zucchini Smash

By- Hang Pham Here is another one my friends!!   Image Source

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