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c section

Mine was a precious pregnancy so the doctors were very particular that everything moved smoothly and so we opted for a C section.
I had Homocysteine (link) and gestational diabetes (link) added to that. After I had gestational diabetes, I knew every day was a threat and I had read a lot on stillborns. With diabetes the fetus grows a little bigger and faster. Also, there was a lot of water in the womb.

I was restless towards the end of pregnancy and was literally waiting for the safe time to deliver the baby, once I crossed 36 weeks I started bugging my doctor to perform a C section.
I don’t suggest this to anyone. Anyways when I got the final clearance after my baby was full term and my C section was scheduled.

I packed my bag, I made a checklist, and kept my stem cell kit with that. I’ll talk about what to pack in your hospital bag, and Stem cell storage in a separate post here.

I was asked to stop eating or drinking water the previous night at 8. Since I was on thyroid meds, I could take one tablet in the morning with a little water.

Ok then came the day, surprisingly I was not that nervous, see that’s the advantage of planned C section, your well prepared. We reached Cloudnine hospital, (review here) at 6 in the morning. The otherwise bright and active place was all quiet and empty. We were received by a guy at the reception and taken to our room. Just like checking into a hotel. We left all our belongings there.

I was made to change into the hospital gown and they did a stomach wash for me. Then they strapped the fetal ecg on my hand. It was all fine and we saw huge jumps when my hubby used to speak to the baby 

I was taken inside the operation theater and again I was not nervous, I was surprised myself. Guess I went through so much during pregnancy I really wanted a break from this. Then the anesthetist asked me about my allergies and then injected some meds, god knows what.

There were many women in the recovery room and I could hear my doctor choosing me first. Then I was taken to the OT. I was looking around; it was a small room with a black board (just like school) with all my details. I was really scared of the injection on the spine. Thought it would really hurt, but it was fine. I was made to bend and it was fast. It numbed my entire lower body.

Then the doc came in with her big smile and I could feel some pushes and pulls. Before I could know tadaaaa my little princess came into this world.
What to expect after c setion here..

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