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Books have always been an integral part of my life..No I’m not talking about the school curriculum ones, this is beyond that.
I was introduced to the so called storybooks in the primary level only. ‘Champak’ was a regular at home alongwith the very known ‘Readers Digest’.
Festival shopping was generally at Comms street (commercial street for the ones who are not familiar with blore). So after collecting all those heavy shopping bags, I was treated to an ice cream and a new issue of ‘Tinkle’. In course of time I graduated to the usual Astrix, Famous Five, Hardy boys, Sidney Sheldon, and the list is endless….

This reading habit I wanted to inculcate in my little one as well, so around his 6th month when he started sitting up and was in the weaning process, we introduced him to picture and music books. This also helped in finishing up the meal without any fuss.

So reading became a part of my tot’s schedule and gradually bedtime reading became a must.
This current gen kids are so lucky to have a whole new range of colourful,musical and interactive books cum toys!!

Since I had continued to breastfeed my son even after his 15th month, it had become more of a habit than need for him. But I didn’t bother, finally when I met my doctor by chance, she immediately pointed out that I was looking weak and drained out . The first thing she asked me was if I am still breastfeeding and asked me to STOP asap. Now this seemed a more cumbersome task than the latching issues!!! Phew… Finally books came to my rescue.
With all patience I kept him engrossed in ‘Noddy’s toyland tales’ and within a week he totally forgot his wants or the comforts of breastfeeding.

Our visits to the bookstore is one we look forward to. There is always something ‘New’ and interesting. From ‘Mickey Mouse’ and ‘Barney’ to ‘Thomas’ and ‘Dora’ and off course a whole lot of Indian mythological stories, there’s so much to choose from. Infact I think there’s a new character and story for every age that every 6 months you can replenish your shelf.
So now that my son is 5yrs old you can just as well imagine his collection. Yes! he s got his own mini library.

Sounds expensive isn’t it?? hmmm to a certain extent.. But I’ve figured out ways to keep it on a low budget.
-The barter system: We exchange books with his friends
-Seconds sale: We shop mostly from Blossoms bookstore,where you get second hand books in decent condition.
So is he a bookworm? We don”t know as yet. All I know is that Books help create an experience of See, Hear, Touch, Feel and Talk, that is vital for the baby’s speech and landuage development and further hone their communication skills.

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Rekha is a Marketing Manager based out of Bangalore and is a mommy to two kids. She is a busy mom who loves sharing her experiences with other mommies here. She is the cofounder of mommyswall.
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  1. Jaishri says:

    Great post Reks.. I loved your idea of exchanging books.. :-D

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