Best Outfits to Give Your Child’s Wardrobe an Urban Twist

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By- Ryan Duffy

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The urban clothing trend is something which has really taken off over the past few years – the clothing trend has been made popular by a string of celebrities including Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Kanye West and Drake. It is a fashion style which incorporates clothes which ooze in style, and if you want your child to look like a mini celebrity then have a look at some of the following outfit ideas.


White Tee and White Sneakers

The white t-shirt has been a classic item for anyone wanting to dress in urban clothing and when it is teamed with a pair of white sneakers this can really be a great urban outfit. If you want this to look great a child you can give them some black jeans and a black snap back too, and as a way to make this look massively cute on a girl you can tie her hair in little pigtails and give her a small backpack to wear.

For the Boy – Camel Coat and Boots

The camel coat has grown in popularity over the past couple of years to really become a necessity when it comes to fall/winter wear and when worn along with a pair of jeans and boots it creates a wonderful urban outfit that a boy can look massively cute in. Similarly to the white t-shirt and sneakers for the girl, it is an outfit which is quite simple. Yet, if you accessorize it with a simple chain or watch, it can give your child’s wardrobe a great urban twist.


Camo T-Shirt

This is a piece of clothing which can be worn by both a boy and a girl. This is because the majority of camo t-shirts are unisex and as they are the main point of an outfit they are brought together by whatever other clothing is worn. So for a girl, think about dressing them in a pair of leggings and hi-top sneakers. Then for the boy, you can give them a pair of ripped skinny jeans and a pair of low canvas trainers. To finish the outfit off for both of them, you can have a look at some unisex bomber jackets that will create a fantastic urban outfit.


For the Girl – Sweater and Skirt

The sweater and skirt combination is a popular choice amongst the vast majority of female urban clothe wearers. Which is mainly down to the simplistic yet fashionable nature of the outfit. In terms of the design, you can choose to go more extravagant by having clothing which is bright and bold – or you can dress the little girl in colors which are more mellow and plain – either way, you will be have an outfit which is urban through-and-through.

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