Benefits of Skin Tightening Without Surgery

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Surgery has been a common skin tightening method for many years. However, it is also a time consuming, expensive, and potentially hazardous one. If you want tighter skin without surgery you are in luck. Modern technological advancements have supplied you with many alternative treatment methods. Below is more information about some of those methods and how they can be more helpful than surgery in some instances.

When Surgery is Required for Skin Tightening

Sometimes surgery is the only skincare option. However, that is usually only the case if your skin is severely sagging, such as after dramatic weight loss. If all you have is some moderate sagging or a few wrinkles you want to remove surgery should be avoided. There is no reason to put yourself through such mental, physical, and financial strain. Many easier, safer and less costly clinical skincare methods are at your disposal.

Trading Surgery for Laser Skin Tightening

If you do not have severe enough skin problems to warrant surgery you can investigate other treatment methods instead. One such category of treatments is laser therapy. Clinicians have used laser devices to treat a variety of skin problems over the years. Among them are unsightly wrinkles and skin sags. But they are best used for mild and moderate conditions only.

When choosing a form of laser therapy to try you should know that they come in different varieties. For example, some use infrared light. Also, some are designed to provide surface treatments. Others can revitalize your skin from the inside over time by treating lower layers of skin tissue. Some lasers, such as ablative devices, strip away surface imperfections and give quick results, but they can also cause more temporary side effects. So those risks must be considered carefully as well.

Using Ultrasound Treatments in the Place of Laser Devices

Laser devices can treat many mild to severe wrinkles and easily tighten your skin. However, if you have other skin issues they may do more harm than good. For example, lasers present burn risks for those with excessively oily skin. If you do not qualify for laser treatment or would prefer to start out by trying to tighten your skin with a milder treatment ultrasound therapy may benefit you. Ultrasound uses particular sound waves to get down deep into skin cells and trigger additional collagen production. As collagen levels improve your skin should regain some of its elasticity.

Radio Frequency Procedures as an Alternative to Ultrasound

Radio frequency is another form of sound wave treatment. It is also sometimes called Thermage treatment in the skincare industry. If you have a radio frequency treatment you can expect very little pain, but you should also expect only minor skin improvement. That is why it is best to use radio frequency procedures to treat minor skin loosening. They can also be used in a somewhat preventative capacity to keep skin problems from worsening over time. Radio frequency treatments work by pulling skin cells closer together. They do so by causing collagen molecules to become more attracted to each other, tightening the bonds between the cells.

Choosing Between Your Skin Tightening Options

In general, milder skin tightening cases should be treated with sound wave therapy, moderate with laser therapy, and severe with surgery. However, there are exceptions to every rule. There are also many other types of skincare treatments that can factor into your final choice. The best way to choose the right one is to ask a professional skincare clinician for advice. He or she can evaluate your skin and suggest the right treatment choice.





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  3. I like how you said that a radiofrequency treatment is a minimally painful procedure. This would be really helpful if you needed to get something done fast but didn’t want to have pain or recovery time. That way you could just go in, get the work done and then get back to living your life.

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