Benefits of Eating Millets over Rice

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Hi Moms,


Have you considered eating millets? Millets are the most ancient superfood known to man. Rice took over millet and it landed up becoming birds food. There are lots of benefits eating millets, it can be given to kids, but be careful while giving it to babies as they are rich in fiber. And its a great food for weightloss, for all those people who cant live without rice, try foxtail/sama millet, it tastes better than rice. Ragi or Bajra in powdered form can be given to babies. See our recipe here.

If you live in Bangalore you will find variety of millets like foxtail and samai at Nilgiris outlets. Its double the price as rice but also has double the benefits.

Why should you eat millets?

- Its contains proteins and loaded with vitamins, especially vitamin B and Magnesium

- It has antioxidants so it can protect the body from cancer.

- Free from gluten

- Lots of fiber and alkaline property makes it easily digestible

- Prevent heart diseases.

- Weight-loss benefits as it has complex carbs and lot of fiber.


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How do you cook millets?

I cook it the same way I cook rice in the cooker or microwave, in the ratio 1 cup millet: 2 cups water. We also add it while making dosas, pongal. Ragi and Bajra is used powdered, you can make rotis.


Actually millets are very tasty. It suits Indian cuisine very well. Its very popular in Tamil Nadu and people even make  Biryani and Pongal using millets.

Have you tried millets? Let us know how you use it in your cuisine.

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