Become a supermom: manage work & family together

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It’s been 6 years since Sarita stepped out of the organization where she had worked for 5 years as an HR professional. She was quite satisfied with the idea of quitting her job because she was about to enter a whole new world called ‘motherhood’. It’s been 6 years now and she is still happy as she sends her daughter to school. However, sometimes when she looks down her balcony to find young Radhika go to office in her formal attire, her smile fades a little, and she gets caught in a nostalgic thought. She dismisses it and goes back to her daily chores but late at night, when everyone is asleep, she silently recalls the memories when she, just like Radhika, used to work in a corporate workplace.

Just like Sarita, there are many women in India who quit their jobs because of maternity, marriage, and various other reasons. Data suggests that ~20 million women in India quit working from 2004-05 to 2011-12. A major chunk of these women take this decision during maternity as they look forward to playing an even more important role of a mother. A woman owns the responsibility of taking utmost care of her newborn and raising him/her in the best possible way. And as she does this, the joy of raising her child keeps her from regretting leaving the professional life that she once aspired for.

However, once the child is old enough to not require much of her time like before, she encounters a lack of meaning in devoting all her time at home. It’s then that she looks back to her professional life and her aspirations of becoming financially independent and chasing bigger goals and dreams. These aspirations now ignite in her the desire to go back to work and resume her journey on the professional front. But she is unable to. She is held back either by her low confidence or the inability to go out to work. Even if she breaks these barriers and attempts to go for a job hunt, the employers shut their doors for her stating that her career gap has resulted in an outdated skillset, which the industry doesn’t require anymore. Helplessness then resides in, and she accepts her fate of not being able to work anymore. Thus, in India, ~65% women who quit work due to maternity fail to return to the workforce.

Internshala, a leading internships and trainings platform, has come up with a solution to this problem via its initiative “Internships for Women”. This initiative brings internships for all those women who are looking to either start or restart their careers at any stage of their lives. These internships can benefit women in two ways. First, as these are short-term employment opportunities, they provide them a chance to test for themselves whether they would be able to manage the responsibilities of home and work simultaneously. Second, they provide flexible work options like work from home. So, even if a  woman is unable to go out to work, she can keep in touch with the industry, work, and develop her skills.

Under “Internships for Women”, Internshala has 5000+ work from home as well as in-office internship jobs for women at any given time, across different profiles like content writing, graphic design, web development, digital marketing, management, etc. This initiative has helped ~700 women in (re)starting their careers in the past 6 months. Ruchita Jain is one of them. She is a mother who quit her job after giving birth to her soon and started experiencing lack of confidence after that. To overcome the same, she started doing work from home internships to be able to take care of her family and still remain in touch with the industry.

Internshala aims to help a total of 4000 women in transitioning from their domestic life to professional life by March 2018. If you too are looking to spare some time from family life and live your long-desired dream of working as a professional, you may checkout all the available internships by clicking here and apply to as many internships as you like. It’s absolutely free of cost. Another good news is that most of these internships come with a cool stipend. So, don’t let any hesitation reside within and take a step ahead to once again chase your dreams.

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2 Responses to Become a supermom: manage work & family together

  1. Rishita Jain says:

    Thank you so much Mommyswall, really. This is just what I was looking for. I have two kids and though managing work life and personal life would be a challenge, but I so want to go back to having a job. My husband is very cooperative and would love if I do this. He always helps with daily chores and taking care of our children. I will surely apply to these internships.

  2. Nitu says:

    So ladies are really brave lady she can handle work of whole family and can do part time job also. Its really great….

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