Baby Powders in India

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We usually associate the smell of babies with the smell of powders. I remember when I was young, people would just dust their babies with powder. So much that the baby would like a powder puff.

I am not a big fan of baby powders, but then after bath a lot of water settles in the baby’s neck, and also due to sweat the rashes appear. So applying a little powder helps a lot.

Even we started out with baby powder way before I read articles about the harmful effects of talc in baby powder. Even the government has sent warnings to some very big brand making baby powder.

Baby powder is known for preventing diaper rash and also uses for the deodorant qualities. Also it absorbs all the moisture after bath and prevents babies from falling sick. So for us it all started out that way. But later we read that talc causes aspiration pneumonia or granuloma.

But then someone with a baby will know how important it is to use powders. So after a lot of research I found that cornstarch based powders are safe for babies as it is made of cornstarch.

Sadly, I could not find any cornstarch based powders in India everything contained talc, so I has to ask my friend to bring this from the US. The powder is very thick and has a pungent smell.

I hate to use it on my baby but I have to use some on her neck as sweat settles in the fine lines. But then I know its safe so Im satisfied. ill use it for a while till my baby’s neck grows.

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  1. yamuna balamurugan says:

    hi da is AVENO BABY wash is good

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