When Babies Start Rolling Over-Life Becomes a Roller Coaster

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By Aanchal Goel,

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I remember the time when my son was only a couple of weeks old; I would often wonder what he will be like when he is older. I used to complain to that newborns are so boring. All they do is sleep, feed & poop! Man, was I naive?

Once my baby was about four months old & could hold his head, I saw him roll over and land on his tummy. I was super excited & called my mom to give the details of his reaching a new milestone. My mom advised me to be careful & not to leave the baby unattended even for a moment on the bed as he could fall off. Soon, he was able to climb the mountains of pillows stacked all around him on the bed. The only safe option was to leave him in his crib or a mattress on the floor.

One Sunday morning I left my dear hubby to baby sit the little one while I went for a relaxing bath. When I stepped out of the bathroom my heart was in my mouth, as I saw my husband was engrossed watching his useless cricket match while the baby had managed to roll to the edge of the bed! I called out loud to my husband who knew something was wrong and instinctively dived in like a freaking wicket keeper & caught the baby half way in the air. It was like watching a live cricket match. The two of us looked at each other shocked & burst out laughing. We’ll it was a close shave & I’m so glad nothing happened to the baby.

When I narrated the incident to my baby’s doctor during his regular check-up, he told me it’s common for babies to fall from beds, crib etc. However, one must be careful not to let this become a regular feature & here are a few things you should do in case your baby falls off:

  1. Don’t panic & try to remain calm. The baby will probably cry because of the pain & mainly due to shock. If the baby has fallen on his/her head, check for bumps or swelling.

  2. Check any other body parts that might be hurt. Hold the baby in your arms & try to soothe the little one. If the baby seems okay, try & distract the child.

  3. If the baby is unconscious, has a fever or vomits immediately call the doctor & rush the baby to a nearby hospital.

What to expect next?

If your baby is able to lift his head, he will push up on his arms, arch his back & lift his chest which looks as if he is doing push ups. He may also rock his stomach, kick his legs or swim with his arms. These exercises strengthen the muscles, helping the baby to be able to sit up next. By the way, my husband nicknamed my son little Arnold Schwarzenegger when he saw him first doing those baby push ups.

Every new milestone of your precious little one brings enormous feeling of fulfilment. So enjoy this experience but with a little precaution to save them from getting hurt. Finally, one useful piece of advice-please don’t include your husband’s sporting skills as one of the safety measures.


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