Babies in the Womb

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By Megha,

bbay womb

Hello all mommies. Today I would like to tell you how your baby develops in your womb. I would throw some light at what time does the different parts of body formed. Beginning with:

End of first month:

  • Development of face with formation of nostrils and upper lip takes place
  • External ears and eye lids are developing
  • Limbs are forming
  • Heart forms, starts functioning and the body system begin to form

End of second month:

  • Eyes are far apart with eyelids fused together
  • Limbs (arms and legs) become distinct
  • Digits (fingers) are formed
  • Many internal organs continue to develop

End of third month:

  • Eyes almost fully develop but eyelids remain fused
  • Nails develop
  • External ears are formed
  • Heartbeat is detectable

End of fourth month:

  • Head is large as compared to rest of the body
  • Face takes on human features
  • Hair appear on the head
  • Skin is bright pink

End of fifth month:

  • Head is less disproportionate to the rest of the body
  • Rapid development of body takes place
  • Skin gets a cheesy covering on it because of development of glands
  • Foetal movement can be detected

End of sixth month:

  • Head becomes smaller but is still disproportionate to the rest of the body
  • Eyelids separate
  • Eyelashes form
  • Skin gets wrinkled

End of seventh month:

  • Head is now proportionate to the size of the body
  • Eyebrow hair develops
  • Body is more plump now

End of eighth month:

  • Bones of the head are soft
  • Tested descend to the scrotum
  • Shape of body is more infantile
  • Umbilicus is gradually centrally located
  • Other parts of body broaden relative to the head.

End of nine months:

  • At the time delivery or just at birth child has a relatively shorter neck
  • Umbilicus of new born is shed at about 12-15th day
  • Chest is rounded
  • Legs are short
  • Arms are long
  • Face of newly born baby is round and flat

Hope you enjoyed reading this interesting fact file of how baby develops in the womb J

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  1. Jaishri says:

    I love the image Meg.. very nice summary..

  2. Anjjali says:

    Very nice article Megha :-)

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