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Udita is a full time working mom based out of Delhi. She is an IT professional and loves travelling and blogging. Udita is also the founder of blog.

Health Care Tips For First Time Mom

first-time moms we tend to take numerous advises from elders in the families to our far away friends who have had babies. We are pretty sure the numerous questions revolve around the baby’s well-being only. But have you realized that … Continue reading

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Cloversoft Baby Wipes- Review

We received the Cloversoft in our mail almost 4 weeks back and they have been in constant use since then. Cloversoft wipes are 100 % natural and organic, and I am glad that I started using these for my toddler … Continue reading

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How you can prevent mosquitoes from harming your loved ones?

Having our loved ones around us brings about a feeling we cherish deeply; ask anyone who has commitments that demand most of their time away from their family. For this reason, people look forward to holidays to spend precious time … Continue reading

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Ways To Combat Mosquitoes – Indoors

Spring is finally here in major parts of India, and slowly as days are getting warmer, it also means an increase in mosquitoes.  In our previous blogs, we highlighted how to protect your kids from mosquitoes while they are outdoors. … Continue reading

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Do You Believe In These Outdoor Myths?

Parenting brings with itself a unique set of emotions and tasks. No wonder parenting is considered a different life altogether from your bachelor or couple days. This is one reason why couples want to be extremely sure if they really … Continue reading

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Look out for these signs and symptoms of Malaria to take timely action

Kids are always bustling with energy and it is a joyous moment for any parent to watch them play and make merry. As parents, we take every measure to keep our kids away from even the smallest of ills like … Continue reading

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PostNatal Care For New Moms and Babies

Congratulations on the arrival of your little bundle of joy! Finally, the much-awaited time is here, when you can hold your squishy little baby in your arms. While motherhood is by far the best feeling and experience for a woman, … Continue reading

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What is Chikungunya and how to Prevent it?

As mothers, we tend to put our family’s health and priority over and above everything else. Yes, you heard it right ‘being selfless’ can be related to being a mommy.  Despite doing all this and taking the best care of … Continue reading

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Soaking in the Winter Sun – Camping Tips

   It’s the winter season – the best time to take your kids out to play! Since it’s not too hot, they can have fun as well as soak in some much-needed Vitamin D. Winters are a great time for … Continue reading

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The Most Common Dengue Symptoms

India and monsoons have a very beautiful relationship. From farmers, shopkeepers and even the common man – everyone waits for monsoons with baited breath. It is all because the long summer spell finally comes to an end and paves the … Continue reading

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5 Tips To Make Your Toddler’s Park Time Mosquitoe- Free

Playing at the park or in open spaces is one of the most important aspects in the development of kids especially, during toddlerhood where they need to be close to nature. This allows the kids to explore their surroundings, where … Continue reading

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Our Pediasure Journey- onto the 3rd month now!

We have been using PediaSure for a little over three months now. I can happily say that I am fully satisfied with PediaSure. After three months’ usage of PediaSure, I can now claim that my son has better immunity to … Continue reading

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