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Jaishri is an IT professional and the founder of mommyswall. She is a mom of a lovely 4 year old and lives in Bangalore. She is also a certified Yoga instructor and believes in Natural living.

The Wonders of Eating as a Family

By Kimberly, Eating as a family has always been a good thing as it promotes solidarity and family values – even before it was outed as scientifically healthy and uplifting by numerous studies. From the simple dinner at home to … Continue reading

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7 Things Pregnant Women Want Their Partners to Know

By Jesse Wood, Pregnancy is a challenging time for couples. While women experience a lot of mood swings, their partners can have a tough time dealing with their hormonally charged partners, this can lead to a communication gap. So if your … Continue reading

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Why Kids Cough at Night and Home Remedies

Image Source Hi Moms, Have you wondered why kids cough at night? The origin of cough maybe a cold or allergy but cough increases during the night and is worse from 3 am to 5 am. The body produces natural … Continue reading

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How to Make a Fine Cake

By Emma Lawson, If you are thinking that you are absolutely incapable of making an absolutely delicious and aesthetically perfect cake – think again! We know that it seems more like a rocket science class to some people, and if … Continue reading

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The Dark Side of Technology: Does your Kid Have a Smartphone Obsession?

By Tracey Clayton, Image Source The digital age has come around rather quickly overtaking our lives, eliminating all the habits and routines we used to have and commanding its presence in almost every part of our daily lives. We cannot … Continue reading

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Review of BabyBerry Parenting App

By Varda Agrawal With the happiness of the arrival of our little bundle of joy, comes our responsibility. As parents we are responsible for the physical, emotional, social as well as intellectual well-being of our child. It is our responsibility … Continue reading

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Interactive Rhymes on Chu Chu TV which Engages your Little Ones

By Varda Agrawal During early days babies only feed, sleep or cry….their everyday activity is limited to only this. At that stage, we think… why doesn’t our baby play n laugh with us… oh how much we crave to play … Continue reading

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Know if Your Child Has Type 1 Diabetes

By Kimberly Marie Gayeta, Image Source Anyone can be diagnosed with diabetes – even kids. In fact, most type 1 diabetes is detected from children ages 10 to 13. Sometimes, even children with no family history of this disease are … Continue reading

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Review of Himalaya Baby Lotion

By Varda Agrawal The innocent face, sparkling eyes, little fingers, cute smile & not to forget soft skin, of new born babies always mesmerizes us. As parents we wish to maintain their natural and nourished skin,! But as the days … Continue reading

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Allergy in Kids due to Dust Mites

Hi Moms, Image Source Recently my daughter developed cough and cold all of a sudden, and we were really worried. We had not taken her out in a long time. But the doctor told us that it is allergy caused … Continue reading

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Top Ways of Enhancing the Development of Your Child

Guest Post Toys are not just the playing objects for your kids, but in addition to that, they also help in the overall development of the kid. Toys are as important as other necessities like mother’s milk, massage, etc. because … Continue reading

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Checklist for Travelling with Kids

By Varda Agrawal Source Just been to a holiday & planning for the next already… Going to the holiday with a toddler is so much fun, I must say … but it is a work of big responsibility especially for … Continue reading

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