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Jaishri is an IT professional and the founder of mommyswall. She is a mom of a lovely 4 year old and lives in Bangalore. She is also a certified Yoga instructor and believes in Natural living.

Food that increases lactation

By Jaishri Food that increases lactation. I’m including only food that has worked for me: • Shark meat: We boil the shark, remove cartilage, and use the flesh. Cooked in the same way as egg burji. This was the most … Continue reading

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Post C Section

By Poonam Everyone talks about C section. Ill share the after effects. The C section pain lasts for 2 weeks. It’s very difficult to sit and get up. You need to hold your tummy while getting up. Turn to the … Continue reading

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Arathi’s Breastfeeding Experience

By Arathi I’m not sure about people who have had a smooth sailing breastfeeding process. For me it was like running into a dark tunnel. So clueless of what was happening. This is one topic I can go on writing … Continue reading

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Silverspoon Ragi powder

Image source: It’s definitely a high end product as 250 grams if ragi powder costs approx around 350 rupees. We can buy kilos of ragi in that price. Commonly called ragi sere here in Karnataka, ragi is soaked in water … Continue reading

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Pampers Active baby diapers

By Jaishri After doing a lot of trial and error with diapers we chose pampers for our baby. We started with Pampers newborn diapers and now moved to active baby small. Diapers are based on the weight of the baby. … Continue reading

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Nuby hot safe feeding spoons review

By Jaishri Nuby hot safe feeding spoons heat sensing spoon is a nice fancy product. It can be used for age groups 0-12 months. The spoon changes color when there is a lot of heat in the food. I always … Continue reading

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Munchkin food grinder

By Jaishri My baby is now 4 and half months and my doctor suggested me to start her off with fruits such as apple, banana and avocado. It all should be cooked or steamed before mashing. Also mashed carrots and … Continue reading

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Mom and me feeding pillow

By Jaishri   Everyone around me knew how I felt breastfeeding was touger than rocket science. I suffered a lot with my C section belly and found it very difficult to feed my baby on a pillow. I tried everything … Continue reading

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Review of Elcarim Drops

By Jaishri If you talk to anyone down south they would swear by some herbs which they burn and make a paste and later apply on baby’s tongue. It is done daily to improve digestions and prevent colic. My mother … Continue reading

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Review of ColicAid

By Jaishri ColicAid was our only relief during the first 3 months of my babys birth. She was a colicky child, she would just start crying and crying non stop during the evenings and night. The only thing which came … Continue reading

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Review of Cloud Nine Hospital Bangalore

By Jaishri After spending 7months at a small hospital we finally deserved some luxury and care, so we chose Cloud nine hospital on old airport road Bangalore for the delivery of our child. We chose the luxury package which costed … Continue reading

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Review Cerelac Rice and Milk

By Jaishri I started off with cerelac rice for my baby when she was 4 and half months. Initially I mixed a lot of water in it and made it runny, a little thicker than formula milk. Later on made … Continue reading

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