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Jaishri is an IT professional and the founder of mommyswall. She is a mom of a lovely 4 year old and lives in Bangalore. She is also a certified Yoga instructor and believes in Natural living.

Home remedy for constipation in infants

It’s totally normal for infants below 3 months to poop once in 3-7 days. Breastfed infants don’t face issues with constipation. It happens mostly with formula fed infants. Whatever it is, it’s very common and easily treatable. My baby was … Continue reading

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How to administer heparin injections

If you have recurrent pregnancy loses heparin injections are prescribed. Heparins are basically blood thinners. I was on enoxaparin (enoxarin) once a day. They are prefilled syringes and are quite expensive too. It can be taken in the legs stomach … Continue reading

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Lactation classes Cloudnine hospital

I attended a lactation session during my stay at Cloud nine. I had to take my baby with me. The only problem was that it was held only one day after surgery so I was very tired to concentrate. They … Continue reading

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Baby Sleep patterns

By Jaishri Baby sleep patterns must be one of the most searches topics on Google. Even I used to search everywhere and wonder how this thing is going to resolve. But the simple answer to this is “patience”. Babies have … Continue reading

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Antenatal class Cloudnine hospital Bangalore

By Jaishri Antenatal class By Cloudnine hospital was held at Taj Residency Bangalore. The place was fully crowded and we could not see the speakers. There were exercise sessions, Lamaze session, nutrition sessions, talks on stem cells and a nice … Continue reading

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Home remedy for nipple sore

By Poonam Nipple sore is a horrible condition for some. Many people give up breastfeeding because of the pain. You have this throbbing pain and at the other end you have this darling baby waiting to be fed. Breastfeeding is … Continue reading

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What to pack in a hospital bag

By Jaishri Some things that I packed: 2 nightgowns- I didn’t use as hospital provided it Body wash and shampoo Comb/towel/toiletries Tissue paper Lipbalm, compact as I hate an oily face.

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Food that increases lactation

By Jaishri Food that increases lactation. I’m including only food that has worked for me: • Shark meat: We boil the shark, remove cartilage, and use the flesh. Cooked in the same way as egg burji. This was the most … Continue reading

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Post C Section

By Poonam Everyone talks about C section. Ill share the after effects. The C section pain lasts for 2 weeks. It’s very difficult to sit and get up. You need to hold your tummy while getting up. Turn to the … Continue reading

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Arathi’s Breastfeeding Experience

By Arathi I’m not sure about people who have had a smooth sailing breastfeeding process. For me it was like running into a dark tunnel. So clueless of what was happening. This is one topic I can go on writing … Continue reading

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Silverspoon Ragi powder

Image source: It’s definitely a high end product as 250 grams if ragi powder costs approx around 350 rupees. We can buy kilos of ragi in that price. Commonly called ragi sere here in Karnataka, ragi is soaked in water … Continue reading

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Pampers Active baby diapers

By Jaishri After doing a lot of trial and error with diapers we chose pampers for our baby. We started with Pampers newborn diapers and now moved to active baby small. Diapers are based on the weight of the baby. … Continue reading

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