Anjjali’s Weight Loss Story

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By Anjjali,

anjj weight loss

Hiii friends,

I know we all mommies want to lose weight as soon as possible after delivery…and yes it is possible with regularity and hardwork and some time…here I am to share  my weight loss story with u guys and if anyone of u after reading this gets motivated and gets back to track I will be happy.

To strt with i had almost gained 20 kilos during my pregnancy inspite of being active and taking regular walks during my entire pregnancy period, My pregnancy story here
Though i lost some weight after delivery, it came back after hvng all those ladoos and ghee, dry fruits and so on…those ladoos and other things gradually stopped after 3 months but till then i had gained all tht i lost soon after delivering my son.

So to start with my first step i started taking my baby in his pram for walk (after he turned 3 months) with which i started my brisk walks…..though i wanted to start with exercises eagerly but my gync (Praveena Shenoi) had strictly told me a big NO till first 6 months as i was breastfeeding my baby…..though she was fine with me going for walks she asked me not to do any exercise with it……so i just strted with walks everyday in evening within my complex….one round is around 1 kilometre in my complex so i took 2 rounds ie 2 kilometre with my baby  being in stroller and sleeping mostly :-)… let me tell u the results were showing though not drastic but yes walks were helping……though in my heart i was waiting to complete 6 months and strt my exercises..So as soon as i completed 6 months i joined my favourite Power Yoga classess…these are the classess which i was doing before pregnancy too so it was my obvious choice and i know how benefical it has been to me in past…i hve gym too in my complex but for some reason i hate gyming!!!

So from 6th month onwards i was going for power yoga twice a week with my walks continued…in these 2 months i felt my body was tonning(i was losing inches but not yet weight tht much) but definitely the sagging part of tummy was reducing due to surya namaskars …in power yoga classess our instructor makes us do around 30-35 surya namaskars and girls it helps a lot to reduce tummy….i was happy but not satisfied…..i knew i have to do something more so tht my workout becomes for 5-6 days a week as i was not satisfied with only 2 days a week workout…..Thus i started looking for instructor who can come home as it was not possible to leave my baby everyday and go as its only me and my hubby managing our kid alone…In some days i  found a pilate teacher who was ready to come home..thus my 2 day workout turned into 5 days…which was scheduled like 2 days power yoga and 3 days pilates..however i didnt stopped my walks(somehow i dont wish to stop my walks as they hve always helped me before too to stay fit )

So basically since 8 month onwards my workout was almost for 2 hrs a day..mor 1 hour poweryoga or pilates on alternate days..evening fast walk for half an hour from 5 to 5:30 pm and night again fast walk for half an hour (ie as soon as my baby slept and my hubby was back from his work so time was not fixed but i didnt missed it at all even if it meant me gng for walksa at 10:30 pm as my hubby comes from office by 9 pm)…now it was working grttt!!!!! One advice which my instructor gave me was that u can/ should workout for 6 days a week and one day u should keep as complete rest day..even walks should not be done…I followed this religiously..Sunday was my rest day J

My focus was just not on reducing weight but to hve a toned body also..i didnt want tht i loose my weight but hve bulging arms, tummy or i always focus tht my exercise do hve tonning part too along with weight loss. Finally almost after 9 months ( i strted slowly but steadily since 3rd month onwards ) of hard work the results were visible and i had dropped all weight during my sons first birthday :-)

At present, i hve stopped pilates class but i do continue with my 2 day power yoga and had joined 1 day zumba i love variations and dnt want my body to get use to a particular workout. so basically now i workout for 3 days a week….though i continue with my walks in evening and night.

I know I was also able to give 2 hrs a day since I am stay at home mom and working moms will complain that we don’t get time but trust me girls u still can do it/have to do it….. I lost weight in 9 months u will take 15 months,so wht?????but it will be gone so do find time for exercise if not 2 hrs then atleast 1 hr, do at home watching videos or join somewhere but make it a part of ur schedule also it gives u time only for urself in tht entire mad rush of day!!!!!

Also let me tell u i haven’t followed as such any dieting plans as i m not a dieting type girl and neither do on daily basis i hve such food tht i need to diet…its normal dal roti sabzi which obviously i dnt wish to cut down..though on weekends i do go out and have whatever i want ….but tht has not affected my weight loss in any ways..

The only thing i followed was i had lukewarm water every now and then and specially after my every meal and also I  finish my dinner by 8 or 8:30pm … i believe weight loss done by only dieting is not beneficial!!! However if u consume lotts of fast food then u do need to diet.Also i never store any fast food type foods like maggi,ready made soups,pasta or chocholates or cakes and so on at my home…as it becomes very tempting to have them when i see them in front of me…its not like i dont hve them at all but if i wish to have it then i should go and buy them at tht time itself and many times it doesnt happen tht i m able to buy it instantly and thus i am saved from eating them. So this is just a tip : avoiding storing such foods at ur home!!!!

Anywys for me exercise has always been a part of my schedule irrespective of my weight loss or not i was very particular abt my exercise before pregnancy too and i continue to do it till i die….As doing exercise is a part of my lifestyle and not just a necessity :-)

All I would say after delivery its quite normal to gain weight don’t be ashamed of it but don’t keep it with u forever…many ppl who use to met me during initial days were like kitna weight gain kar liya tumne…pehla kitni patli thi..ab kya huya and so on and I was like wht do u expect tht I become Katrina kaif soon after delivering ;-)….but it was so useless explaining them and burning my blood I did wht I was suppose to do and my body spoke dnt be disheartened …if u regularly do exercise weight loss does happen.

At last i will say its my dedication and will tht lead to weight loss..had i joined classess and not gone to them or nt gone for my walks i would have not achieved results…so my friends  work hard and be regular and make sure u loose that extra weight by hook or crook!!!! or else tht weight will just keep on piling and u will become aunty very soon…..dnt talk big but do it and show it…..just remember where there is a will there is definitely a way !!!!

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Jaishri is an IT professional and the founder of mommyswall. She is a mom of a lovely 4 year old and lives in Bangalore. She is also a certified Yoga instructor and believes in Natural living.
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15 Responses to Anjjali’s Weight Loss Story

  1. Shwetha K B says:

    Anjali your story is very inspiring and admiring….

  2. shreya says:

    Thank u jaishri….

  3. shreya says:

    I mean i drink 1 cup of tea…n anjali ur story is so inspiring i m eagrely waiting to share mine story 1day…..n i read ur normal delivery experience it ws so good i mean ur so stromg….whn i got pregnant i also want to hva normal delivery jst like u i use to tel my hubby muje kitna b pain ho aap muje c sec k liye mat bolna….n bt pain ws terrible…..yes evn i did it…..i ws telling dr mera c sec karo nai toh i wil die….n u wnt beliece k i fighted wth my dr in labour room bt she ws so kind she wanted me to deliver normal……

  4. shreya says:

    Hey i stay in nagpur n my baby name is khush n my eating timing r nt fixed….nw a days i hv read so many articles tht we need to eat after evry 2 hour…bt tht nt possible k think u cn understand…wht i m saying we hv do evrythng according to our baby i eat breakfast whenever i get time tht includes anythng maggi,poha,ua,paratha etc n thn i eata cup tea n lunch 3roti n sabji n in evng sumtims i drink milk t thn dinner is mostly da chawal ….it wil b vry greatful if u cn plan my diet chat i dnt like druita much bt i cn eat 1 fruit a day n i love paneer cheese n dry fruits

    • Jaishri says:

      Hi Shreya.. I too am a mommy of a 6 month old baby.. It is impossible to eat every 2 hours. Right now dont concentrate on any diet.. Your baby is too small.. We will come up with a diet chart shortly.. Try to avoid rice and dont fall for the ghee trap, an extra glass of milk is enough to feed your baby at this stage..

    • Anjjali says:

      Shreya for some reason i too can never follow this 2 hour wala eating funda…u know wht happens is i dont end up eating properly at any point of time and keep feeling hungry everytime gradually eating anything and everything available…. as everytime for me it was not possible to eat healthy food.. just didnt worked for me.So i ditched it :-)

      C i will just give u my everyday schedule on weekdays…c if u get any idea from this to plan urs.

      I make sure i have a heavy breakfast/lunch and dinner…inshort whenevr i sit to eat i hve it till my tummy is completely fulll…this really saves me from eating everytime and honestly neither to we all moms hve the luxury to eat whenever we if u eat properly whenever u r eating u will not feel hungry soon.

      I have tea and 4 badam+2 biscuits at 7:15 am and then i leave for my class so my breakfast gets late….In breakfast i generally have poha/upma/parantha/sevi….if my hunger is not satisfied with all these things i club it with milk or breakfast is generally around 9:30 or 10 am.

      I am a lover of tea so u will c me having it many a times :-)

      Around 11am – tea

      Lunch i hve 2 roti with dal and any sukhi sabzi /curd along with salad. ( tip: u can include many things in ur dinner and reduce roti.)
      its around 1:30 or 2 pm.

      Evening around 5 i have tea along with mathri/biscuits/anything i feel like having and after smetime i have half bowl of fruits.

      6:30 or 7- tea

      Night around 8 or 8:30 i hve my dinner again 2-3 roti/sabzi/salad

      Before sleeping i have milk around 11 pm.i sleep by 12 or 12:30 pm

      Dear i c tht u r not having fruits/salad and milk is also nt tht regular…if u feel u dnt get time for them in it with ur breakfast/lunch/dinner.

      Also during first 6 months my mil made laddo /atta ki mathri/namkeen so i use to have it whenevr i was hungry..Shreya i have just given u a rough idea of my diet schedule so tht u can plan urs accordingly…but at last i would say dnt stress urself much for diet and all…if u feel u r nt able to follow anything its completely fine…take ur own sweet time and make small small changes gradually…like 1 day u had 1 fruit …then gradually u hvng 1 cucumber then 1 tomatoo and so on…first 6 months are really testing just dnt be too hard on urself…..

      its even okkkkk if u hve maggi when u r hungry…thts wht i mean to say..right now all u need is energy to take care of ur baby.Go slow and steady and do remember if others have lost weight/or are maintaining their diet its only when they have too crossed tht difficult period :-)

  5. shreya says:

    Hey thanks u so much anjali…i wil slowly start wth my walk….n cn u pls suggest me sUmthing in diet as my feeling hungry al day….i knw it mst b bcoz of breastfeeding ….is there any solution….

    • Anjjali says:

      Yes Shreya i do understand how much hungry u must be feeling…i too had faced the same and i was so irritated pregnancy time also there was hunger prams and later too…but gradually once we top feed for babies it wil stop :-)

      Shreya to help u i would like to know ur day to day diet…then we can c wht can be added in ur diet as per ur choice…let me know and we wil make a diet plan for u :-)

      Where r u located Shreya…whts ur baby name?

  6. Anjjali says:

    Hiii Shreya,,,how r u doing?

    Shreya my suggestion will be that u strt with half an hour walks first and then gradually increase the duration to 1 hour.Also dont go for 1 hour walk at a stretch..divide it into 2-3 parts for starting. As per my gync any form of exercise does affect breast milk formation so if u baby is on exclusive breast feed u need to take care of tht.

    Donot at all stress ur body at one go!!!!

    We have carried our baby for 9 months and our body has undergone numerous changes so ideally we need to give it an appropriate time otherwise in long term when we realize we might have damaged it for no reasons.

    Shreya continue only with walks for first 6 months and then join yoga classess…meanwhile ur stamina will also be build !!!

    And dont worry at all u will and can loss weight even if u strt from 6th month onwards…just be steady :-)

    Hope this helps if u still have queries u can ask us anytime :-)

  7. shreya says:

    Hey anjali
    i need ur help my baby is 3 n half month old n i also wnt to loose weight….bt dnt knw hw to start…before pregnancy i also use to work out like playing badminton n 1 hour nw i ws thinking to join yoga after reading ur article i thnk i needto walk for 1 hour n thn i should start my yoga class…

  8. Anjjali says:

    Meghu thank u dear.

    Jaishri i do know how blood boiling it was..i would say it got frustrating too attimes..but dont let such people overtake ourselves…and take their criticism as positive way of reminding tht we need to exercise regularly.

  9. Megha says:

    Hey anjali.. Gr8 write up.. You have a gr8 will power, n this article proves it.. Keep it up :-*

    • Jaishri says:

      I agree, I love the part where you say your blood boild when people say how much weight you have put on.. :) I face it daily :(

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