Anjjali’s Pregnancy Experience

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I married Abhisshek in Nov,2009 ….and I was expecting in October,2011 J.I still remember  that day when we discovered that I was pregnant, it was my birthday on that day thus it makes it more special .

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We were soon planning to go to my parents place and my inlaws place for diwali celebrations so we didn’t disclosed anything to them on phone as we wanted to personally see their reaction and share our happiness. It was so difficult to hold on to that news for next 15 days ;-)

After everyone came to know about my pregnancy they were super excited and started with all the pampering (which u get only once in life time)… Also my baby is the first child in both our families as me and my hubby are eldest in our respective families..So you know how it is when a new small baby was gonna arrive in both families after almost 22- 23 years.

My pregnancy was hassle free…I didn’t had any problems throughout not even a single vomiting…at times I use to wonder that am I really pregnant…koi pregnancy symptom hi nahi hai J….the only thing I faced was I had got a lot of pigmentation during my entire pregnancy and my face ,neck had become quite dark…thankfully all the pigmentation went away after my baby was born.

I had also gained quite a lot weight around 20-22 kgs inspite of me being super active.

For first 7 months I consulted Dr Pallavi in Fortis,Marathahalli as it was near my home and my friends had referred her to me..I found her very good and comforting..However in my 7 th month, I was moving to UK so she referred me to Dr.Praveena Shenoi in Cloudnine..I found her equally good and by that time had already heard a lot about her and long waiting queues of people to meet her.

We had arranged for a godh bhari function during the 7th month, friends and relatives had come.

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You know you won’t believe that when your pregnant, you find everyone around you pregnant… no I m not kidding I meet so many ladies who were pregnant at the time when I was ….whether it’s my complex, any restaurant, mall everywhere I could locate one or two around me…at that time I use to think oh godddd we all are gonna increase India ka population like anything and indeed we did that J.

I was very regular in my walks and did all regular activities like running my coaching centre and conducting workshops…Infact I was so determined to continue my work that my MIL use to shout at me that even in the labor room your gonna teach your students…everybody use to tell me ki tumhara baccha toh already padh-likhar aayega, J but what to do I didn’t wanted to sit unnecessarily ideal.

There were so many old wives tales, around when u r carrying…but its good not to take any of them seriously and just enjoy listening them, don’t make a particular mindset for any gender and pray for a healthy baby…same is the case with infinite advices u receive.

Me and my husband were very determined that we want a normal delivery no matter what until and  unless there is any emergency…also my both docs  were confident that I will deliver normally as I had a problem free pregnancy and so I did had a normal delivery.

Please stay around for my delivery and labor story..

It was very painful but it was worth J.

I would just sum up saying have a positive outlook and your pregnancy will turn into a positive experience.

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Jaishri is an IT professional and the founder of mommyswall. She is a mom of a lovely 4 year old and lives in Bangalore. She is also a certified Yoga instructor and believes in Natural living.
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13 Responses to Anjjali’s Pregnancy Experience

  1. Anjjali says:

    which doc r u showing Mahi…where r u located?

  2. Anjjali says:

    Mahiiiii a hearty congrats to u…god bless and protect u and ur baby dear

  3. Anjjali says:

    Jaishri yeah it had pigmented glow :-)…i turned horribly dark…meri mil got tensed cing me in last months …meri bahu ko kya hogaya ;-)

    Meghu i thought u might hve guessed after reading my intro post …just c my kiddo how studious he looks ;-)

    Mahi done with my delivery and labor story…phewwww its as long as my labor pains…u will read it soon…r u expecting too????

  4. Mahi says:

    Niace :) :):) Many many congratulations!! Waiting for ur delivery and labor story :) :)

  5. Megha says:

    Hey anjali.. Nice write up bou your best experience of life.. God bless.. Ye toh btao padha likha baby boy h ya baby gal.. ;-)

  6. Jaishri says:

    Your face looks so glowing Anjj.. Seems like you enjoyed every bit of pregnancy :)

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