Anjjali’s Normal Delivery Experience

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By Anjjali,

anjj delivery

I was keen to have a normal delivery since I got pregnant and I had it !!!!
But no it was not so simple as it sounds….my due date which was given by doctor was 11th june 2012…My entire pregnancy period was problem free so me and my doctors were quite confident of me delivering normally. I went for my routine check up on 24th May 2012 and my gync Dr.Praveena Shenoi asked me to come on 29th May for an internal checkup (IC)…I was kind of scared of it and had my pre-notions abt it already.

The entire week went by and I was terrifying and I kept on asking my friends ki is IC painful and so…I really wished my gync would hve not told me tht she will do IC in coming week and would have just done it…tht would hve worked better for me.
Atlast I rchd on 29th may to meet my doc..given a chance I might hve run away..i still don’t know y I am so teriified of IC when I was ready for normal delivery…doc came and she tried yes tried doing IC…I just didn’t allowed her and strt screaming..god I created so much scene…she asked my hubby and MIL to calm me..they tried but as if they were going through it how would they understand!!!!

Finally somehow she managed and told baby head is yet not fixed so we will wait till 11th ie my given due date if it doesn’t happen till 11th then we will induce pain or do C-section. Also she adviced me to be mentally prepared if I get so scared during IC how will I cope with normal delivery???? She was leaving her room and I said her: Maam I don’t know how I will cope with pain but I will only have normal delivery (c how confident I was). Thus she added in case today u hve slight pain/discomfort or spotting of blood then dnt worry it happens during Internal checkups.

When I came out of gync room my mil was like I dnt think so ur delivery will stretch till 11th june u wil deliver in 2-3 days ..hmmm I was wondering who is my doctor now.
So after I went home I started with tuitions and took them till 6 pm ..after tht I use to go for walks ..but tht day I was feeling bit uncomfortable and didn’t wish too..but I still went, however after one round I told my hubby and mil tht I m kind of nt keeping well and would like to go back home and rest…by the time we rchd home it was 7 pm and discomfort increased…

I knew something was happening but was not sure if I can call it as labor pains as nothing was high enough…also I had this in mind tht since today I got internal check up done and as doc said there might be some discomfort it might be due to that and will end soon.
Two of my friends came to meet me and I chit chatted with them but was still not feeling comfortable…they too said it might be due to internal checkup so I ignored…I had dinner and by tht time my elder sister who had come for my delivery was back from bangalore darshan and I went for a walk again with her and my mil…gradually while taking walks the pain stopped and I was relaxed and happy that finally its over and now I dont need to worry I will go and sleep peacefully (Little did I knew I will not be able to sleep peacefully since that day onwards )

I went back home chit chatted and left to sleep…everyone were tired so they slept but I was not able to sleep..i again started feeling uncomfortable the moment I lied down and if I sit or walk it was kind of okk…but if I lay down the pain increased…this time I also saw some blood but it was quite little and again I thought its due to internal checkup…however how hard I tried I was not able to sleep..

i kept on taking walks in my room or sat on toilet as I felt like going to loo every now and then…my pain was not loud enough so I didn’t want to wake up anyone, though my hubby was awake and he asked if shall we go to hospital, it was 12 in the night and I thought its better to wait as it might be false alarm too for pains.
I was taking rounds and rounds of my room or drawing room…meanwhile my sister too woke up and made coffee for me…by that time I passed some blood everytime I went for loo…it was 3 am and 30th may and feeling was getting uncomfortable though not loud…but we decided we will go to hospital as I was passing blood and the pain had started though not loud but since 7 pm…(I was kind of sure tht this is only due to internal check and I will be send back home)

We woke up my mil,fil my jiju ,kids ….all of them were like waiting for this to happen..we brushed, took our bags did small puja and left for CloudNine hospital ( u know girls I always thought I will be rushed to hospital in tht filmy style where I am screaming and all and there is lottt of traffic and my hubby is struggling to reach hospital ) but alas nothing as such happened…it was 3 am there was no traffic neither was I screaming in fact I was listening to songs.

We reached the hospital and nurse checked my dilation and pains intensity……she declared pains are real and I am 4 cm dilated so I need to be admitted also the doc on duty will examine me and we were allotted room. I was like is this really happening my baby going to come in this world today itself ie 30th may ??? I was not nervous at all and was enjoying the process tillll……..
Till the doc on duty came and insisted on internal checkup…I asked her if it was necessary and she said yes and yeah she tried to do it to which I resisted…somehow in sometime she managed but was upset with me….Then all the cleaning and other procedures was done..I called my mother and told her to come immediately from Mumbai as our baby is goona come soon..she was supppper excited and dad told me that they will book the tickets immediately after that i called my best friend Mamta and told her tht I have been admitted. She too promised to reach soon.

I was normally chit chatting, observing other ladies who were admitted before me /after me/can hear loud cries of girls wo were trying to deliver/saw the happy news of arrival of baby being delivered to fathers and saw them crying too…actually doctors were waiting for my pains to increase on their own so we waited for 4 hrs and meanwhile I was taking walks around the corridors as I had nothing to do
…Just wait and watch.

Then around 7 pm Dr.Praveena Shenoi came and examined me..she told tht lot of water discharge had happened and we will induce pains to u…so I was induced with pains and gradually the drips strted working and pain strted increasing..around 10 am I was 7 cm dilated and my pains had increased considerably…so it was decided tht I should be moved to labour room.(Now let me tell u tht in this entire time period time evry doc on duty who had come to examine me did internal check up on me …ahhhh c this is how it happens I resisted it everytime and it happened more and more with me..every doc left annoyed…..but what can I do girls…it was painful for me )

So now I was moved to labour room where my hubby was allowed to stay inside with me to c how much suffering I am going through (anywys I don’t know how I would hve managed without him)…there was a monitor attached which showed the intensity of pain and when it reached to its peak I was asked to push…but my baby was not coming out though I had dilated considerably…I was crying/yelling like anything as the pains had been to its peak and I wanted it to stop!!!!

In btwn i dont know how come my didi came to labour room with my hubby (u remember my hubby was inside with me all the time) she too had tears in her eyes and placed a Krishna photo near my pillow..i dont remember if anything miraculous happened after tht but i do feel nice when i think abt it now…My jiju and Father in law were  not able to c me in so much pain and hear me shouting my lungs out ,so they decided to stay downstairs instead of waiting outside the labour room.
Given a chance i might have kicked the nurse( m sorry to say this but yes i was damn angry by this time and was at peak of my anger…later i came to know its normal for girls to get angry while having normal delivery)…basically the nurse was kind of helping me by giving breathing instructions but i was in no mood to listen to her instructions in so much pain and i literally asked my hubby to shut her mouth ..Poor hubby :-)
It was around 11:30 am…..Dr.Praveena came and examined me and said tht I m losing my water a lot so max we can wait is till 1 pm or else we had to do a C-section before the water dries up completely…me and my husband were sad..we didn’t wanted a C-section!!!!
I could feel the time had slowed down and my pains were increasing by each passing minute …finally doc was back at 12:30 pm and asked me and my hubby to sign the papers for C-section as the water was drying up…I saw my husband in tears…and yes it did hurt to sign those papers..but wht would could we do…,doc had waited a was from previous day 7 pm tht my water discharge had strted and now it was next day 12:30 pm…almost 18 hrs!!!!

We did sign with a heavy heart..again all the procedures required for C-section was done…Dr.Praveena said meanwhile this all thing are going on I will be back…there was another doctor around: Dr.Sandhya she saw our sad puppy faces and did Internal Checkup on me and said u hve dilated completely… Anjjali u want normal delivery..lets try for one last time…I can see ur baby head has come down!!!! I was ready to try ..…Dr.Praveena was back…Dr.Sandhya discussed with her and Dr.Praveena said to me Anjjali if u r willing then lets do it…I said yes doc I am…I was very much in pain, too tired….so there was this third doc who was motivating me to push and not waste energy in shouting and fourth doc sitting on my stomach and pushing baby out..i listened to their instructions and finally after 3 pushes my son was outtttttttt…phewwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhhh wht a relief…I still remember Dr.Praveena said it’s a boy washed her hands and had come and hugged me…she said its only bcos of ur will power tht u had a normal delivery or else I had prepared to do C-section on you…it was moment of joy for me and my hubby..all the other docs praised me too .
It was a memorable experience…..yes I had a 18 hrs was very painful in my case but its not necessary tht it happens with everyone….So stay positive and have a strong will..god does grants ur wishes!!!!

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7 Responses to Anjjali’s Normal Delivery Experience

  1. Excellent Post! Pregnancy is a wonderful experience for every woman. If it is your first pregnancy, Vardaan Hospital helps to provide an excellent advice for a painless delivery in Delhi.
    For more information visit here:

  2. Dev says:

    Am consulting Dr.Prabha Singan who sits at womens clinic opposite Salarpuria Gateway (big bazaar) any thoughts?

  3. Anjjali says:

    Jaishri what do i say..thanks will look less for all ur praises. Yes i believe Aaditya will be proud of his mummy and so will be Maanvi!!!!

  4. Anjjali says:

    Megha u need to read it again..and u will understand y ;-)

  5. Jaishri says:

    Anjj you are going to earn so much respect here. I had goosebumps while posting your article. Aaditya is going to be so proud of you when he reads this (thats if mommyswall exists in another few years). He reminds me of Maanvi, she too had her eyes wide open the day she was born :) Lots of love to u and Adi..

  6. Megha says:

    Oooo shooooo cute anjali.. First tym experience n yet in a cool manner.. :-)..
    Congo.. Nw uaa baby is 1+..Hw ws his first b day celebration??

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