9 Essential Things You Need When Kitting Out Your Newborn’s Nursery

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By Sarah Jones,


Getting everything ready for the arrival of your new baby can be fun and exciting. But sometimes there can be so many things to think about that you might feel a bit overwhelmed by it all. When it comes to preparing your baby’s nursery the secret is to focus on the essentials. As long as you have all the basic pieces of equipment in place time for your baby arrives, you will be ready to enjoy your first few months together. Keep it simple and minimize stress. You can add lots of bits and pieces later as you get know your baby and also find out what gifts friends and relatives bring.

Below are nine essential items you might want to think about:

Moses basket

Everyone wants to make sure their baby gets a good night’s sleep so one of the first things you will need to consider is the sleeping arrangements. For the first few months, a small wicker crib, also known as a Moses basket, might be all that is required. Although old fashioned, these have become popular again. They offer a simple and portable bed that is smaller and more snug and cozy than a full-size cot. A Moses basket is particularly useful in the early days, especially if you decide to have your baby sleeping in your bedroom or just want to keep the baby nearby during the day.


As your baby grows you will soon want to make the move from their basket to a full-size cot. There are plenty to choose from whether you decide to visit the local high street or prefer the convenience of internet shopping. Online shops, such as this website, often offer a wider choice and the convenience of home delivery

Look for one with the slide downsides as that makes it easier to lift baby in an out.  Always make sure that the cot you buy complies with up to date safety standards. For example, make that the bars are spaced to ensure that the baby’s head won’t get stuck between them.  Also, if there are any moving parts they should be designed so that small fingers won’t get jammed.

There are plenty of different styles to choose from ranging from the simple and functional to fanciful fairy-tale designs.


Your choice of mattress will be based on many things including your budget and how much wear you expect it to get. If you think the mattress will be used by future brothers and sisters it might be worth investing a little bit more for one that will last longer.

A flat firm mattress is best. It should fit snugly into the cot or Moses basket and have a waterproof cover to deal with those unexpected leaks and accidents. Again make sure it complies with all the relevant safety standards.


Soft cotton blankets are best and they are available in many colors and patterns as well as traditional white. If you are crafty you might want to make or knit something special. Or perhaps you have a friend or relative who can. If not, there are still plenty of beautiful commercially made blankets to choose from.  No pillow should be used until your baby is older.


Room thermometers are useful for making sure that the nursey is not too hot or too cold. This will lead to a better night’s sleep for you both. You should also keep a baby thermometer handy so that you can keep an eye on things if you are worried that your baby might be a bit feverish.

Baby Bath

Bath time should be fun for both you and your baby. Use a gentle cleanser designed for your baby’s delicate skin and throw in a couple of simple brightly colored or textured toys to add some extra fun and stimulation.

Changing Table & Mat

A changing table might not seem like an essential at first.  Many parents are quite happy to put the mat on the floor or use another table or the couch to change their baby’s nappy. But you will be changing your baby’s nappies several times a day and sometimes during the night too. All that bending can put a strain on your back. Using a changing table at the correct height will be more comfortable and will reduce the risk of back pain.

Baby monitor

In the early days you will probably want to keep your baby close by but as he or she grows a little older and starts sleep in their cot in the nursery you might want to buy a baby monitor. These have become increasingly popular as they give you some extra peace of mind when your baby is out of sight.  There are many different types on the market offering both audio and video options and a variety of different ranges within which they can be used. Some also give you additional extras such as monitoring the room temperature of your baby’s nursery.


Your baby may be too young to play, but even from birth young babies can still enjoy some carefully chosen toys. Simple brightly colored or musical toys are always popular as are mobiles to hang above the cot. Some include chimes which jingle in a gentle breeze or mirrors which will fascinate you, baby, once his or her eyes begin to focus. A simple squeaky animal toy can be the perfect way to get those first smiles.



Kitting out your baby’s nursery should be fun and stress-free. It doesn’t have to be perfect. And it doesn’t need to look like something out of a lifestyle magazine. It should be based on you and your baby’s needs and reflect your own ideas of what matters. As long as the nursery is safe and comfortable with a few of those little personal touches,  you and your baby will be happy and ready to enjoy the beginning of your exciting new life together.

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  1. sheri says:

    Beddings are cool for a baby. I personally spend a lot of money on bedding because it lets babies sleep quiet and well.

  2. Hi,
    Can I use a white noise machine or white noise fan for my baby? I’ve found that after using white noise machine she sleeps well and without any disturbances.

    Fervently, awaiting your response.


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