8 Things You Should Know When Changing Homes With Kids

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By – Boom Rizal

Do you know that moving from one house to another repeatedly can have adverse impact on your child? In a Journal of Personality and Social Psychology study, researchers suggest that frequently changing homes or moving to a new neighborhood is linked to poorer well-being in adulthood.

Lead author Dr. Shigehiro Oishi of the University of Virginia, said: “We know that children who move frequently perform poorly in school and have more behavioral problems.” However, the impact may vary depending on the child’s personality. Moving a lot is more difficult among introverts than their more open counterparts, or extroverts. “Less outgoing people have a harder time making new friends,” Dr. Oishi remarked.

Before moving to your new condo unit, explore these 8 guidelines in helping your kids adjust in a new environment.

Explain The Real Reasons For Your Relocation


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Whether you’re dealing with an adult or a child, the key to an easy adjustment is the truth. Researchers at the University of California revealed that kids are more likely to lie if they discover adults have not been telling the truth. “Perhaps the children did not feel the need to uphold their commitment to tell the truth to someone who they perceived as a liar.” said Professor Leslie Carver.

If you’re changing residence due to a new job or a promotion, explain this to your child. The same goes if there had been issues with your previous landlord or neighbors. Knowing the truth can help them deal with the new changes in their life.

Bring Your Little Ones During Site Visits

Adjusting to a new neighborhood with your kids can be a challenging undertaking. You’re leaving behind neighbors who’ve become friends and a town that has become your home for years. Make relocating a family affair. During your visit to your prospective condo community, bring your entire family. Let each member check out the unit, facilities and amenities. Let your kids ask questions from the real estate agent on matters that affect them, such as the use of the swimming pools and entertainment rooms.

Ask Your Kids About Their Opinions On Your Condo Design


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A parent’s guide to helping children adjust in a new home should include putting value on the little ones’ opinions.Together, you can explore interior design themes for your condo. Will you go for a travel-inspired theme or a minimalist design? Give them the liberty to decide on how to design their bedrooms. This will give your children a sense of ownership, and most importantly, the confirmation that their opinions matter.

Reach Out To Your Introvert Child


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The research led by Dr. Oishi of the University of California said relocating to a new home is more difficult for introvert kids than extroverts who can easily make friends. As a parent, you should know that introverts are not exactly anti-social. If your teenage son doesn’t want to take a dip in the pool with peers, it’s not because he hates people. He just feels uncomfortable being with a lot of people. He can have a small group of friends whom he dearly treasures. According to a 2005 findings, being an introvert may imprinted in the genes. An introvert’s brain is less likely to release dopamine, a neurotransmitter that controls the brain’s pleasure centers. So, stop telling your child to “snap out of it.” Instead, ask about his interests. You can offer to prepare a simple dinner for him and his closest friends in your new condo.

Turning your condo living room into a play area


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If you’re a parent of hyper toddlers and energetic preschoolers, you’d know the struggles of keeping your home in order. The living room turns into a playground with lots of toys, running and screaming everywhere. Moving to a condo community means that you can finally free your living room of unwanted Lego pieces and let its design theme shine through. Bring your kids to your condo community’s outdoor playground or kiddie swimming pool. Physical activities and interaction with other kids can do wonders to their well-being.

Finding ingenious ways to control noise

Now that you’re a condo tenant, you should be aware of the rules and regulations designed to maintain healthy community living. Some rules are written, such as smoking prohibitions in certain common areas, while others are not—like keeping your TV’s volume at “reasonable” levels. This is where your common sense must work. If you love listening to Metallica on Sunday evenings, you can opt for high-quality headphones or better yet, incorporate soundproofing into your small condo design. A sound-proof room is also recommended if you nurse infants.

Throw a simple party for your neighbors’ kids


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Help your children gain new friends. You can invite your neighbors’ kids for a fun afternoon of refreshments and games. Reserve the kidding pool for a bunch of water games or the open lawn for a barbecue party. You can also use this opportunity to meet other parents in your new community. Perhaps you can plan regular get-together or cookouts.

Get to know your children’s new friends outside your condo community


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If you’re changing towns or cities, it’s likely that your kids will also be moving to a new school. Adjusting to a new school can be tough, especially if you have a tween or an adolescent. It may take a few months before your kid makes a new circle of friends. Once this happens, invite them over for a casual meal. As a parent, you’re obliged to know the people around your child. By inviting them over, you can gauge their family background, interests and whether they are ideal as friends. Remember that peers have a strong influence on growing kids. Moreover, you can encourage them to do their group assignments and get-togethers where you can monitor them: in your home.

Change is inevitable. Yesterday, you were convinced that you’ll grow old in your ancestral home in the province, but today, you’re scouting for a condo unit near your new office. You loved the countryside and you’re sure that the laidback atmosphere is beneficial for your young children. However, changes happened and you’re now to embark on a new journey. Moving to a new home is a tough experience for you and your kids. Make it a family matter and work towards adjusting together.

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