8 Don’ts for New Moms- Life Changes with Motherhood

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I always wanted to do a post on life changes after becoming a mom. You can also read Anjjalis post here.

We all know, as moms how our whole life just slows down. Motherhood is like a surprise series of events that just happens to us. We are never prepared for what comes to us. All the Johnson baby ads don’t show us moms with dark circles. Anyways I’m not here to say that this life is bad, its rather the biggest blessing to have. But definitely there is a phase when you feel like the whole world is moving forward, and you are here stuck with a baby not knowing what to do.

Here are some of my top Don’ts, what are yours??

  • If your too depressed don’t login to Facebook, the whole world is holidaying on FB :-(
  • Don’t look at your sisters or friends wardrobe, you surely won’t fit into those clothes so it will make you more depressed.
  • Talk to only people who understand (preferably moms) your situation. Do not talk to people going out shopping and dining in a newly opened restaurant
  • Always tell yourself that you have had your piece of fun and things will be ok in a while
  • Do not curse your body. Weight loss will happen, ignore all those people who tell you that you have put on so much weight. Hello!!! what do you expect??? Only the baby comes out not the fat.
  • Do not crib about how difficult your life has become. Its just a phase, you are going to witness the best moments of your baby.

  • Stay away from people who wont understand you at the moment. I used to find mommies in office so boring. I could not relate to them. So don’t bug unmarried people who will try to listen to you and even pretend to share your excitement. I had a lady telling me daily about her baby’s babbling and for all the reasons her baby used to smile etc.. If it were now I would have related so well.
  • Dont stay with your baby 24/7. If you can leave your baby with someone for a bit, go for a walk alone or go grab a quick ice-cream. You will feel good and in no time will come back rushing  to see your baby.


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4 Responses to 8 Don’ts for New Moms- Life Changes with Motherhood

  1. anupriya says:

    Thnx,Earlier i was so irritated all the time,now i think i m getting use to everythng.(as if i have any option :twisted: )I was feeling guilty that i am the only one who is not getting that mommy feeling dont know why but i m relieved to see there are others like me :lol:

  2. anupriya says:

    Hehe! I can sooo relate to this topic.I m a mother of 4 mnth old boy n most of my frndz are either single or newly married.Sumtyms i use to think y me..haha! although i luv babies n wanted one..But still.. :-D I guess its same with everyone whether you confess it in d open or not.. :mrgreen:

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