7 Things Pregnant Women Want Their Partners to Know

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By Jesse Wood,

Pregnancy is a challenging time for couples. While women experience a lot of mood swings, their partners can have a tough time dealing with their hormonally charged partners, this can lead to a communication gap. So if your partner is pregnant and you don’t how to deal with it, we got your back. Read on to find out 7 things your pregnant partners wants you to know.

1. She Is Hormonal, She Knows, But Please Don’t Keep Telling Her That


Pregnancy and mood swings go hand in hand. Your partner might be showing you some inconsistent and polarized behavior, but this is very normal. She expects you to be more understanding during this hormonally challenging phase. Also there is no point in reminding her that she is being hormonal as that might irritate her.

2. It’s A Tough Phase


Pregnancy is no child’s play and she wants you to be her rock during it. Be supportive, help her out with chores and do all of that with a smile on your face.

3. She Needs More Pampering


Every woman loves getting pampered and if she is pregnant multiply that want by a 100. She wants to feel special, give her a massage or take her out on a spa date.

4. She Is Worried About Parenthood


Your partner might be questioning her abilities as a mother. Take her hand and tell her that she will be a wonderful mom and there are no two ways about it.

5. She Is Scared


If your partner is expecting her first baby then all the changes, both hormonal and physical might be really overwhelming for her. You should be really supportive and tell her that you both are into this together and will get through it together.

6. She Is Worried About Her Body


Yes, Pregnancy will lead to weight gain, which might lead to body issues. She is worried about how she looks and if you still find her attractive. Surprise her with flowers or a nice looking maternity dress and make her day.

7. She Appreciates You


You’ve been her rock through most of her tough times, you’ve risen up to the occasion more often than not. She appreciates everything that you have done for her. So keep being her rock, you are AWESOME!

Written by Jesse Wood

Blogger, Traveler and a stylist for an Indian venture called momzjoy.com, which is about empowering women with comfortable yet stylish clothes. We create contemporary, chic, innovative and versatile clothing that provides style and comfort for nursing and pregnant mothers-to-be. All our clothes are thoughtfully designed in high quality and breathable fabric. Our designs offer extensive use during and post pregnancy and our fashionable yet comfortable nursing wear has easy and hidden accesses to promote effortless breastfeeding.


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