6 types of Baby Bibs

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When I was doing baby shopping before my lil one was born one thing that I purchased was bibs. Only when we started buying we knew there were so many types of bibs. Most of it was bought from the US and Canada.

So I thought today I’ll do a post of types of bibs. Though I don’t own all types while doing my research, I found some interesting stuff which I’m going to purchase very shortly. I have the traditional cotton bibs with Velcro, the front open bib, and the waterproof bib. Best part is that these bibs have such cute wordings on them.

Now as my baby feeds on solids I need a lot of them, so I’m going to stack up more of these. The ones I have are from Gerber brand, I’m not sure if we find them here. Ill update once I buy new bibs, till then happy feeding!!!

Basic Velcro Bibs- These are easy to use, but kindoff messy while removing the bib. Make sure the Velcro is soft and does not poke the child.

Front Open Bibs- this one is easy to open and you don’t have to bend your babys head. This oen is my personal favorite.

front open

Full Sleeves Bibs

full sleev

Water-proof Bibs- I have the one from Gerber, one side has plastic and the front side has soft cotton, its waterproof and very easy to wash off.


Disposable bibs


Plastic bibs – Looks very interesting will get one when my baby starts sitting.



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7 Responses to 6 types of Baby Bibs

  1. Maria says:

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  2. leo says:

    Hi! I just want to share about Adjustable Silicone Baby Bib – this BPA free rubber bib is very stylish and environmentally friendly and can safely be washed in the dishwasher. It protects baby’s clothes and is very easy to clean. You can buy this kind of Silicone Baby Bib in this site http://lemikdk.com/baby-child/.

  3. Rob O'Neill says:

    If your still interested. You can find that TPE baby bibs at amazon. Just search the silicone baby bibs by gignerkids or gingerhillcreations. Thank You!

  4. Rob O'Neill says:

    Oh that plastic baby bibs are really perfect when your little dearest starts eating but I think you can also try the TPE baby bibs (thermoplastic baby bibs). They are also great. In fact they are made from 100 percent all-natural, food-grade materials and are free from all those nasty additives – BPA, Lead, Latex, PVC and Phthalates plus these kind of bibs are super-soft and pliable, which means no harm can be done to your child if they were to chew or tug on them.

  5. cute bibs Jaishri, i am glad i have all of them, my sisters brought me these bibs from abroad. thanks for such a cute post :)

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