6 Baby Care Tips for Every New Mum

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By Kriti,

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A mother’s soft touch is the greatest comfort to a child. The care a mother can provide, no one else can. However, even though there sure are some magical powers every mother seems to possess; the touch of perfection comes only with proper guidance and practice.

Given below are some useful baby care tips for the new mom, which can help them become the best care takers for their newborns.

Baby Care Tips :-

Regular Massage:

Every mother should learn to give a proper massage to her baby. Regular massages are essential for the muscular growth of the infant. The best time to give a relaxing oil massage is before he sleeps. When the baby is neither too hungry nor too full, and is settled to dodge off. Gently stroke his arms and legs and then proceed to the other parts. Use a gentle baby moisturizing oil. Make sure to start the massage only in an environment which is cozy and clean.

Baby Feeding:

Breast milk is the the best for a newborn. It is a natural process which you will learn as and when you try. But if there are any issue and you cannot breast feed, only use formula feed. Newborns require feeds 8-12 times a day, which means feeding them after every 2 or 3 hours. Look for the signs your child will give to communicate his/her hunger. If you are not able to catch on the cues, try feeding the baby but if he acts fussy but do not force feed.

Baby Bath:

Baby hygiene must be your foremost priority. And a regular bath is among the many ways to ensure to maintain that. Babies are have a very delicate skin and if the water is heated a little too much it can cause scalding. Make sure to check the temperature of the water before hand. Also be careful with the shampoo or soap not getting into baby’s eyes or mouth.

Regularly Trim Nails:

Baby’s toes and fingers are so tiny, and so are their nails- exceptionally small. The paper thin tiny nails however grow surprisingly fast and cause great trouble to the young soul. Haven’t you noticed babies have a tendency to keep scratching them selves and putting their hands in their mouth. So do trim their nails regularly. Use special baby nail clippers for the purpose.

Make a Comfortable Bedding:

Eat and sleep – these are the two favorite activities of a baby. So they better enjoy them to the fullest.An undisturbed sleep is very crucial for proper growth and development,especially for the first few months. It is therefore important to ensure a proper bedding for the baby. Crib or bed, wherever you wish to sleep your baby, do not over stuff it with toys or pillows and cushions. These can suffocate the baby. Give him space to breathe and turn.

Nappies and change of clothes:

You would not like too stay in drenched or dirty clothes so does your baby. Babies show their discomfort quite soon. So make sure to read those signs. Check the diapers for a leak or foul smell, and when ever the need be, change them immediately. Use wipe, lotion and talcum on every occasion of the nappy change to prevent rashes or any dirt. Also never keep your baby in messy clothes, if they spill something on their clothes or they get dirty during play, change them into fresh clothing as soon as possible.

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