6 Amazing Pregnancy Apps Which Will Make Your Life Easier

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By Scarlet Watson,


Nobody said pregnancy was simple, however, some phone applications are actually great to make everything more tolerable for expecting mothers.
In spite of the fact that when you think of apps, a thought that you need to download facetime for laptop and stay connected to your mother or relatives through your pregnancy is what strikes your head. There are some specific apps that can help you make your pregnancy experience fun and safe. I have made a list of some amazing apps that will make you feel more educated, enabled and prepared to deliver a baby.

Here’s the list of the best six pregnancy mobile applications to enable you to experience the nine months of pregnancy like a master.

My Pregnancy Today

What natural product helps your developing infant more today? BabyCenter’s exemplary pregnancy tracker and child advancement logbook application is a step by step, week-by-week manageable app through your pregnancy. Expect fun, supportive features like an infant name discover-er, kick counter, constriction clock, and bumpy photograph journal. Investigate articles and recordings from BabyCenter specialists, nutrition and diet tips, exercise advice, and substantially more. This application is free.

50,000 Baby Names

This amazing app is also free. Finding the ideal name can be extremely difficult, yet this application will enable you to limit things down. With amazing search choices, you can find out origins, suggestions, popularity of names and substantially more. Store your top choices on the application. You can even welcome companions to add names for a mutual rundown. This application is likewise free. Regardless of whether you need something well known or one of a kind, there are 50,000 names in this application to get you there.

BabyBump Pregnancy Pro

This app is a standout amongst the most far reaching pregnancy applications out there. It gives day by day and week by week insights about your developing infant, due date notifications, weight and tummy estimation trackers, pregnancy information, and baby names. All these helpful highlights and more are bundled in a smooth plan. It’s nothing unexpected this application is so established and popular. Want to know the best part? Well, it’s free.

I’m Expecting

This application offers week after week pregnancy recordings and day by day refreshes in a basic however powerful configuration. It’s intended to share what’s occurring to your developing baby and your body. Different highlights incorporate tips for easing pregnancy signs like nausea, fatigue, leg issues, and cravings. Read articles and advices from specialists. You can set updates and warnings and make a baby knock photograph journal, as well. You’ll likewise approach pregnancy groups for help and inspiration in this application. There is no cost for this application too.

Kegel Trainer – Pelvic floor works out

It’s most likely that you get fed up of everybody revealing to you how imperative pelvic floor practices are as you’re pregnant; however in this case that you have a tendency to manage these crucial exercises, the Kegel mentor will send you sensible updates consistently. With ten diverse exercise sessions to work through, all between 30 seconds and three minutes in length, this is one application to enable you to prepare your body.

Pregnancy ++

Cost for this application is $2.99. This is a delightfully composed application. It includes an individual dashboard with every day pregnancy data, shading and output pictures, an individual journal, logs for weight pick up and specialist’s visits, a kick counter, withdrawal clock, infant shopping list, infant names, and substantially more. It can likewise be customized for use by fathers, grandparents, and other relatives.

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