5 Tips To Make Your Toddler’s Park Time Mosquitoe- Free

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Playing at the park or in open spaces is one of the most important aspects in the development of kids especially, during toddlerhood where they need to be close to nature. This allows the kids to explore their surroundings, where they do not have to restrict their activities as in confined spaces indoors. They develop muscle strength, coordination and gain self-confidence. It also helps in burning those extra calories.

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Outdoor play also helps in developing those much-needed social skills when they interact with other kids. In this process, they build skills such as team-building, sharing and negotiation amongst other things. But nature also poses many threats which cannot be overlooked like evening play in the park with mosquitoes bothering your child.

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While it’s next to impossible to stay indoors as toddlers have their park time clock set inside, where they will simply wear their shoes and say let’s go. Therefore, here are some tried and tested tips which will make the toddler’s outdoor playtime mosquito-free.

Wearing full sleeves and full pants
Wearing full sleeves will save the little ones from not only the mosquito bites but also from the bug bites.


Wearing light coloured clothes
So, while you have selected the full sleeved clothes, there is one thing which you need to keep in mind while selecting the clothes for the evening outing. It should be light coloured. Firstly during summer, light coloured clothes are cooler and secondly dark coloured clothes act as magnet for mosquitoes in the evening. Ever spotted a mosquito tiara on someone’s head? Now you know the reason for that – ‘Dark coloured clothes’.


Play games which involve a lot of movement
Involve your toddler in games which involve a lot of movement like running. This will not only ensure good physical exercise and strengthen their muscles, but will also ensure that they don’t become a target for the mosquitoes.


Avoid playing near the bushes or water bodies in the park
No doubt those bushes and water bodies beautify the park but they are also a den for mosquitoes. Make sure your toddler plays away from these, as it reduces the chances of mosquito bites.


Using mosquito repellents
This goes without saying. To ensure one’s evening playtime is not disturbed by the mosquitoes, apply 4 dots of Goodknight Fabric Roll-On on your toddler’s clothes. It is certified as baby safe by paediatricians & thus, safe for using on babies above the age of 2 months. If your child is below the age of 2 months, apply the 4 dots on their cots & strollers. This product is 100% natural as made up of citronella & eucalyptus oils.

good knight patch


Goodknight Patches 
If you wish to make those evening outings fun and free from mosquitoes and if you have a Chhota Bheem fan in your house, then these patches are for you!
They are 100 % natural, safe for babies and available in different designs. These can be applied to clothes for 8 hours of protection.

good knight gel

Goodknight Cool Gel
And finally, if you wish to apply something on the skin which is absolutely safe for toddlers over 2 months then opt for the gel which is skin-friendly and non-sticky.


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