5 Tips for Childproofing Your Home

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By Diana Smith,

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As soon as you get a child, you’ll start noticing how dangerous the world is. Ordinary items from your home suddenly seem like they could cause serious injury to your child, and they actually could. That’s why it’s important to invest some time and money in childproofing your home. The best way to do this is to combine gadgets and common sense. Try to think of the way a child would see each room and go from there one item at a time.

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The bedroom is usually the safest place in the home, but it all depends on how old and active your kids are. Falling from a crib could be pretty dangerous even if it isn’t that high a fall. As soon as the child can sit upright, you need to lower the mattress.

The second problem with bedrooms is the windows, especially if the child is old enough to walk. If the window could be opened more than three inches, it needs a baby guard. That way, you’ll know that the room is ventilated but that there’s no chance of your child opening the window fully.

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The kitchen is probably the most dangerous part of your home. It’s where all the commotion is and the kids want to check it out. Coincidentally, almost all items in the kitchen could harm them in one way or another. That’s why it’s best to make the kitchen a restricted zone while you’re working in it and to add some protection as well.

The dishwasher should be locked when it’s not used and you might want to install a stove guard. The microwave needs to be out of reach, as well as all the chemicals that you need in the kitchen.

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When it comes to kids, a great number of accidents happen in the bathroom, so you need to pay special attention to this room. You can take some safety measures yourself, like making sure there’s a mat or towel in front of the bath tub, but there are also some other forms of protection that would require professional assistance.

A professional plumber from Sydney could adjust your faucets so you wouldn’t have to worry about your child getting burned while they are alone in the bathroom. For smaller kids, you should also keep the toilet lid down.

Around the house

Your furniture needs to have edge bumpers if it has sharp corners. It also might be a good idea to put door knob covers if you want to restrict access to some rooms completely. Tall pieces of furniture, such as bookcases, are also a hazard because they could tip over if you don’t secure them correctly.

Also, you should pay special attention to all the items that have cords. Even if they are unplugged, the kids could get wrapped up in them, so try to keep them out of sight.

The Yard

There are numerous dangers lurking in every yard. Some are natural and some are man-made. You should pay attention to both and take a different approach to addressing each. For instance, if you have plants that attract insects, you need to take care of them in a way that won’t create other health problems for your kids or your family.

It’s a bit easier with the yard-related machinery. The lawnmower should be kept behind a locked door, and even then, it shouldn’t be plugged in or filled with gas. That way the kids won’t be able to turn it on by themselves.

Childproofing your home should be taken seriously and addressed with attention to details because there’s nothing more important than your kid’s safety.

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