5 Things My Boys Taught me

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By Emma Lawson,

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Though sometimes we forget about the beauty of motherhood, the kids’ smiles remind us. Dirty fingerprints on the wall say otherwise, but that doesn’t minimize the love. Mothers of boys should have the patience of a saint and strength of a mythological creature; it is quite different than with daughters. You are on unknown territory and have to deal with it. Just like my boys, I started from the beginning to grow with them and learn the excitement of making a sword out of anything and leave the house (the room actually) and becoming a pirate.

Appreciate the little things

It might seem boring to answer millions of questions about the simplest things, but it taught me to appreciate the little things I usually never pay attention to. Trust me, seeing the world through the eyes of a child is something beautiful. My younger is fascinated with raindrops on the car window, while my older enjoys to the boundaries of reaching nirvana the taste of milk chocolate (we’re similar here).

Juggling is the key

My husband is working during the day and spends less time with our kids so I have to do a lot of juggling. During the week I’m a mom, office worker, story-teller, cook, law-enforcer, fun-provider, cuddle-giver, taxi driver and putter-to-bed. By the time I finish those to-do’s I already had a couple of meltdowns, but with time you learn to deal with it.

Everything is a toy; toy is everything

For boys the whole world is a toy, and everything can be used for the purpose of a war. I’ve stopped hoping for a normal walk in the park and playing on swings. No, they’ll find two fallen branches and organize Knight Tournament. I have learned to appreciate the richness of their imagination. And there is that one toy they simply adore and can play with for hours, for both of my boys those are Janod toys, especially the rocket.

Showing love in unimaginable ways

I remember when I was in grammar school and a boy threw rocks at me, and that my dears, was a love statement. It’s quite similar with my boys. On this Mother’s day, they woke me up by shoving rose petals in my face, opening the card they’d drew for me and tearing the envelope into small pieces. And, taking away all the mess, it was amazing. They are maybe not into the hugging and cuddling but, boy, they can love.

They don’t understand stereotypes

They might learn through kindergarden that some toys are for girls and some for boys and similar, but they are not pre-programmed to have stereotypes, so don’t be the one who’ll impose them. I love cooking with my boys, and the older one enjoys it, he’s actually helpful. Just as I expose myself to “boys stuff” and try to like them, I’m exposing my sons to some “girl stuff” and wait for reactions.

Sure, I don’t have to whom to transfer all the womanly wisdom I’ve collected, but it’s far more interesting to embark in new waters than to be story-teller of old ones. I admit, it’s become exciting for me to be one-legged pirate captain Mom-Beard. With boys, every day is an awaiting adventure.

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  1. Children can teach us a lot. There isn’t anything more beautiful than seeing the world through your kids eyes.

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