5 Healthy Activities to Do with Your Family This Weekend

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By John and Sophie,

John and Sophie

Weekend is the perfect time to connect with your children and share a good laugh with them. You can only get kids talking when it is about doing something exciting. So, make it worthwhile by teaching them to stay healthy and fit while the whole family has fun together.

You might be wondering how you can possibly do that as kids do not find healthy activities much fun. Well, here are some of the healthy activities listed down below that you can try out with your kids this weekend. So, what are you waiting for? Read through and thank me later!

Cycling Holiday

Start your weekend morning with a cycling tour. Find a proper location such as a beach or a cycling trail to carry out this activity. If you cannot find one, you can simply use the road outside your house and mark the boundaries that you will be staying in. Ask your kids to get changed into a tracksuit and you change as well. Get your travel-size water bottles and get the fun started.


Gardening is yet another healthy activity for the kids. Kids love getting their clothes stained with dirt and that is exactly what gardening would do. Make them wear some worn-out clothes and help you sow some seeds. Make them grow their favorite veggies which will also get them motivated to eat what they grow. This way you will be having fun while teaching them about healthy eating alongside.

Go to a Trampoline Park

Trust me; nothing is more fun than the whole family bouncing on the same great trampoline. Therefore, take your kids to a trampoline park for some real fun. Jumping on a trampoline is not only fun but a great exercise as well which means you are keeping yourself and the kids fit amidst all the fun. Amazing, isn’t it?

Prepare a Meal Together

During the week days, you cook all by yourself and run after the kids to finish their plate. Therefore, try and bring a change on the weekend by engaging the kids in giving you a hand in preparing a healthy meal. This will get them excited to eat what they have prepared and you can teach them about healthy eating too. Plus, you will be able to get some relaxation too. Then, you can all sit and enjoy the family meal with a good laugh.

Go on a Hiking Trip

Hiking is a very healthy and refreshing outdoor sport for the whole family and taking your kids on a hike is definitely a great idea. They may find it a little tough but make sure you choose a trail that has a beautiful view and smoother track.

Ask the kids to prepare their backpack with some healthy snacks in there, something that they can munch on and some juice and water to keep them hydrated as well. Plus, make sure the whole family gets appropriate dressed up with proper hiking boots to get in the right mood.

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John and Sophie are happily married couple with 2 kids. They enjoy outdoor activities together and healthy eating. Their love for trampolines is eternal and they believe that they are both fun and a healthy exercise. They ritually write on Trampolines Co.


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