5 Creative Ways to Save Money Painting Your Home

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By – Heather Roberts

5 Creative Ways to Save Money Painting Your Home1

For the truly thrifty budget-savvy person, painting your home can be within your financial goals if you try these 5 creative tips to help you save money. You will be decorating a freshly painted home in no time! Just follow the tips and be wary of all those nasty notions that you have to spend money for something – no such thing is a necessity as all you need to use money on is paint!

1. Mix Your Own Colors

Use the leftover paint you have sitting in the garage or find someone who has some unwanted paint sitting around. It does not matter if it is an ugly color because you can add white paint to lighten a hue, add a drop of black paint to darken a hue or mix two or more colors to create a different color. This will be a trial and error process and will take a little bit of risk because you want to ensure you have enough paint.

2. Recycle And Reuse

Some cities have paint recycling centers, where you can purchase leftover paint from homeowners. You could even start a Facebook group for a paint exchange. While they may not be the most alluring colors, you can mix your own colors and pay much less. Do a house clearance and then collect the money for all the recycling you are doing. It’s that simple.

3. Invest In Good Supplies

While you will be saving lots of on paint, you do not want to tighten the wallet on supplies. A high quality brush and roller will help you to apply a coat of paint evenly and consistently, without leaving traces of brush hairs behind. This will also ensure that you are not using paint unnecessarily. Make sure you get the best products and not the ones that will just end up in the rubbish clearance pile.

4. Mistinted Paint

If mixing your own colors scares you and you do not have a recycling center nearby, visit your local paint store. Occasionally, an employee may accidentally mix the wrong color or tint. Instead of getting rid of the paint, they will sell it at a low clearance price. This could be a way to get a high quality paint for a low price.

5. Plan Carefully

5 Creative Ways to Save Money Painting Your Home2

If your budget is really tight, or you just want a simple pop of color without going overboard, choose your layout carefully and paint an accent wall. Clean the remaining walls to give them a fresh look and you will save lots of money.

With these tips the paint job should go as smoothly as possible and there will be the least amount of items for waste disposal left. In fact, during a painting job the only rubbish disposal you should be doing is throwing out the buckets and the newspapers you used for protection. Good luck with the job!

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