4 Qualities Your Kids’ Teachers Should Definitely Have

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By Kimberly Marie Gayeta,

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Studying in an international school in Manila comes with several expectations. Parents expect that international schools come with high quality programs, outstanding curriculum, and a safe environment. There are also certain expectations when it comes to the teacher who would be guiding students throughout their stay at school. To ensure that their children’s educational endeavors would be fun and challenging, parents have to look for certain qualities when it comes to their kids’ teachers.

Compassionate to Students

One of the qualities that parents should look for when it comes to their children’s teachers is compassion. When a student fails a test or suddenly starts displaying rude behavior, compassionate teachers will not be quick to judge the child’s intelligence and personality. Instead, compassionate teachers will try to find the reasons behind their student’s unusual behavior. If the change in attitude is caused by the sudden decline in health of a loved one or something similar that could have affected the child’s performance, rest assured that compassionate teachers will try to be sensitive to their student’s problems.

Passionate About Teaching

Teachers should be passionate about teaching. Why? To help their students grasp the subject matters they are teaching. It is pretty obvious when instructors are passionate about teaching – and by extension, about their subjects as well. They are exuberant when standing in front of their classrooms and enthusiastic about teaching the kids. Since they love the subjects that they are teaching, these professors will find ways to help their students understand the lessons easily. In result, the students will probably have a better chance of understanding what is being taught to them.

Patient with Students

Another quality that parents should look for in their kids’ teachers is patience. There are instances when, instead of studying, students will be talking loudly to each other or playing around. Instructors will also encounter students who can’t seem to follow the lesson despite the number of times that it has been repeated. An impatient teacher will snap once faced with these situations. They will blame the students for their inability to understand the lesson or give punishments that are unhelpful to the situation. On the other hand, patient teachers will find ways to make the lesson more fun so that students can focus on it. Moreover, instead of getting frustrated with children who are unable to follow the lesson quickly, patient professors will never give up on the students. Instead, they will find ways to help them understand the subjects better.

Open to Improvements

Just because teachers are guiding students in their academic endeavors, it does not mean that they are infallible. Teachers, like parents and students, are humans too. Even if they spend most of their days in a classroom, there will always be room for improvements. Every school year, they will meet a new batch of students. Teachers who are not open to change and improvements will most likely use the same strategies they have always used in the previous years, regardless of its effectivity with the new batch. Compared to them, teachers who are more open to improvements will always find new ways to help their students understand their lessons and make school fun for every student.

Teachers will play a big role in their students’ academic careers. To ensure the success and happiness of their children, parents should look for certain qualities when it comes to their kids’ professors.

Author Biography:

Kimberly Marie Gayeta (Kimmy) is a Communications Degree holder, passionate writer, currently working as a local Public Relations Officer and an online Marketing Representative.

Thoroughly fascinated about travelling, leisure, and living the good life!

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