4 Home Remedies for Ear Infection in Kids

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By Alvina,

Kids are ever Moms most precious of all the blessings. What it is like to be a Mother is a feeling that every mother describes in her own unique way and there is no specific definition of being a mother or becoming a mother. But all the women who are blessed with this precious gift go through the same feeling that connects them with the rest of the mothers around them. Why that is the daughters connect better with their mothers after they give birth to their own child? This is so because daughters then have to reach back to their mothers to get all the expert advice that their mothers used on them.

There are tons of issues related to kids and the hassle to define and resolve every problem that comes up when they are growing up is a huge task. Kids are always a handful for mothers and it is actually really very hard to understand at times what the matter with them is. Mothers, instead of looking after themselves, their hair or makeup fall on their knees for the health and happiness of their kids.  For instance, with kids that are between 6 to 24 months of age often go through stomach issues or numerous other issues that they cannot really define nor can you understand.

Ear infections are one of the most common problems that kids go through and at times the issue is deep while the rest of the time it often gets misinterpreted by the doctors and the antibiotics don’t really help that much. To cure such minor ailments there are a number of home remedies for ear infection that help in soothing the minor pain and get the kid to calm down. The article is composed of 4 of the best home remedies that most of our reviewing Moms have reported to us about. But there is a high alert attached before you decide to use one of these remedies there is a strong advice to first look into the earache clearly and if there is even a slight hint of puss in the area do not try and insert anything in the ear and consult a good ENT (ear, nose and throat) doctor, as soon as possible.


Sometimes the infection is minor and the ache attached to it is, negligible. However, kids have their issues with disposing the fluids from the bodies as their bodies are not yet designed and are not as functional as of those of adults. The fluids can be accumulated due to flu and other seasonal congestions. Tea tree oil has a number of anti-bacterial properties that help get rid of bacterial invasion from the ear. The proper way to use it is to:

  • Create a mixture out of a few drops of tree tea oil, mixed with a teaspoon of olive oil, colloidal silver and apple cider vinegar.

  • Next you are needed to heat this mixture.

  • The procedure to use this mixture is to fill it up in a dropper and then lay your head on a clean towel from the other side. Add the mixture drop by drop into the ear till you see it is full.

  • You are required to let the mixture sit in the ear for good 10-12 minutes.

  • Finally switch sides and allow the mixture to drain out from the ear completely. Don’t try and wash your ear with water, afterwards.

  • You can use this procedure 3 times a day, two days in a row.


Garlic though can be an unbearable solution for earaches due to its smell, but this is indeed one of the most effective remedies. Since, garlic is comprised of antimicrobial properties, any remedy that is composed of garlic is meant to provide fast relief. There are a number of ways to use garlic as a remedy to get rid of earaches.

  • One is that you create a soft garlic mixture by adding 3-4 peeled garlic cloves into boiling water and let them boil for good 5 minutes.

  • Then take out the garlic cloves and crush them well. You are to add a small amount of salt to this crushed mixture of garlic gloves and then transfer it to a clean cloth. The way next is to place this cloth on the affected ear when it’s still a little warm.

  • Next tip is to make ear drops by cooking some crushed garlic in either mustard or sesame oil and keep on cooking till the garlic turns black.

  • Strain it of any garlic pieces and add it into a dropper. You will have to test the temperature of the oil and add the drops into the affected ear after the heat of the oil becomes bearable.


Salt might be one of the simplest and most common of all the ingredients that get mentioned in any remedy. This is actually a common and readily available ingredient in everyone’s pantry.

  • The tip to use salt as a way to reduce earache is pretty simple.

  • Just heat a handsome amount of salt on a fry pan or microwave it, as per your choice.

  • Later on when it is still hot but is bearable, transfer the salt to a sock and tie a knot at the end of the sock.

  • Use this sock to warm up the affected ear, where it might as well help to reduce the inflammation and also help in reducing or draining the painful fluid.


There are also a number of chances where there might be some kind of fungal involvement in your child’s ear that might be causing the inflammation or the pain. Apple cider vinegar is hence, a very good option to use, in this regard.

  • What you have to do is to create a mixture of one part of apple cider vinegar and the other of water or plain alcohol, whatever is available.

  • Next step is to add in a small cotton ball to the mixture, like soak it inside the mixture and at the same time drain any excess while you are taking it out.

  • You will be inserting this cotton ball inside your kid’s ear like a cotton plug.

  • After you have used the cotton plug for a while, lay down on the side for a chance that the fluid will get drained out along with any mixture that has made way into the ear from the cotton ball.

  • Also to finish it if you can use a hair dryer to get rid of excess liquid, do dry it out completely.

Once a woman becomes a mother there is no room in her life for herself it is just her partner and her greatest blessing, her kids. These remedies are definitely going to help you soothe out any earache that may be causing disruption in your kid’s routine.

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