13 Best Birthday Gifts for Teenage Girls and Teenage Boys

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By Diana Smith,

We all agree that teenagers are already a lot of work by themselves, so just imagine how much ‘fun’ you’ll have deciding what would be a perfect gift for them. The teenage years are the time when a person is finding themselves and developing physically and mentally. And all of them have a specific taste, hobby and passion. Also, don’t even get me started on how fast they can CHANGE their taste, hobby and passion. However, there are always a few universal gift options you can go with.

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Even though it is completely opposite in life, girls are a lot easier to shop for.

Hair straightener

During the teenage years, girls will start showing (more) interest in beauty and fashion. And since a bad hair day means a completely bad day, providing your teenage girl with a tool for neat and slick hair is one of the best solutions. However, make sure she knows how to use it.

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Even though a gal can never have enough perfumes, this really is a tricky one because you need to know her taste (unless she has a favorite one she always uses). Have in mind that that particular fragrance should represent her and her style.

Piece of jewelry

Probably the most classic as well as the most effective girl gift. Consider getting her something special that will remind her of you. Depending on the jewelry she already wears and owns, choose something you know she’ll wear. If you are really close, consider having it engraved.

Large makeup case

Let’s face it, in this day and age, almost every single teenage girl on planet Earth is fully armed with all kinds of makeup products. So the best thing you can do to help her keep all of that neatly organized is get her a makeup case. You wouldn’t want her to go through a well-known mini heart attack when she realizes she can’t find her favorite eyeshadow palette, right?

Polaroid camera

Polaroids are coming back while selfies are now so last year. Unconventional and unique, this is something every teenage girl wants. However, don’t forget to purchase the film for it as well.

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Boys will be boys, and getting them a gift will always be quite an adventure.

Video game

Believe it or not, more than 80 percent of teenagers play video games. And in the lives of teenage boys, they are a huge part of maintaining friendships. Get him a cool multiplayer sports game such as NBA, PES etc. that he can play with his friends, and make sure it matches his gaming console.

Bean bag

If he is already fully armed with a bunch of video games, get him this cool seat. There are no age limitations for it, and he can use it for gaming, sleeping, studying etc.

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Portable charger

In the era of 5-second-battery smartphones, this is something every teen needs. Plus, there will now be no more excuses for him not answering his phone.

Basketball laundry shoot

We all know how boys are with their tidy screensavers and messy bedrooms, so the least you can do is make cleaning fun for him. You will forget all about dirty clothes all over the floor.

Group paintball card for him and his buddies

Let’s be real – there is nothing more to be said here.

Play it safe

If all else fails, there are some extra options you can never go wrong with.

Driving lessons

Remember yourself when you were a teenager? Your biggest wish was to drive a car. Many of us even stole our parents’ cars and drove around the neighborhood in the middle of the night. Maybe your teen has done that too. Jokes aside, the least you can do is sign your teen up for quality driving lessons in Sydney and make sure they are at least safe while stealing your car.

Gift card

Another safe option is to give your teen a gift card to their favorite retailer. If you don’t know which retailer that is, consider maybe filling a temporary credit card with money.


Alternatively, there is always cash. This way, you know they’ll get something they like and want. Buy a fancy card for the occasion and put the money in it.

And that would be it – gifts teens will definitely love. Do you have some more ideas? Let us know.

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